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"SkySensor 5500"
Serial: 940389

The Skysensor 5500

    Prior to the fanatic shortwave radio boom in Japan back in 1970s, the Sony ICF-5500 had defined the fundamental cosmetic feature of the famous "SkySensor" generation to come. The 5500 does not have any special consideration for the shortwave listening except external antenna terminals; single shortwave band only up to 12MHz, no bandspread, no BFO. Noteworthy features are the provision for the external FM stereo adapter and built-in FM transmitter. It was a a kind of the general public's receiver aiming to the younger generation.

Service necessary

    After the acquisition of this radio the light service was performed. No electronic service was necessary except the scratchy potentiometer treatment. Missing one of the tone control knobs is a problem, but the biggest issue is the irritating backlash of the tuning mechanism. Electronic performance is fine and the audio is rich and crisp; regaining the smooth tuning will give the true life back to this handsome receiver.

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