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04:56:16 10/02/2006

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems. I inquired about HC-62 at one of the SNS communitys where many tube receiver enthusiasts belong -- and obtained no info.
I'll notify you if I find something.

Thanks again;

dan From Tomioka , Japan

07:36:57 10/01/2006
Great website!
Very interesting radios, etc.
All the best from Scottish Borders, UK.
Craig, GM8UUW.

Craig From Galashiels , Scotland

17:00:45 9/19/2006
E.I.L communications receiver HCR-62 made in japan ,all valve, anyone in japan know? maybe a schematic? i look everywhere for long time and no info about.

It is working good and i have picture , look like Lafayette.

rf/6ba6 osc/6be6 if1/6ba6 if2/6ba6 det/6al5 afpre/bfo/12at7 af/6ar5 rect/5y3 reg/0a2

paul From here , aust

Burak suveren
05:45:09 8/14/2006
Hi all;

We are trying to restore a icf 5500M. We need some help. It looks like somebody messed it before us.

There are 2 cables loose that I cant figure out where to soldier. Can someone send me some pictures of the inside?

best regards

Burak suveren From turkey , Turkey

Tom C. Dailey
07:04:57 7/30/2006
Thank you for the complimentary manual - Hallicrafters S-20R receiver. I am restoring one, and this is a big help. I was in Japan 1962 & 1969 with US Navy. Enjoyed country and people very much, as everybody was friendly, no matter where I was.



Tom C. Dailey From Denver, Colorado , USA

norman shaw
22:35:31 7/24/2006
I need an instruction book for a MYKIT 200 educational electronic kit (it is also badged Galkken). I have had the kit since it was new in the 1970's-but lost the instructions.

norman shaw From Belfast , Northern Ireland UK

Wes Herdeg
05:16:09 7/10/2006
looking for Benmar 555 schematic

Wes Herdeg From California , USA

Dave Egloff
22:55:03 7/06/2006
Lafayette Ha 230 nice radio. I have one I am trying to fix. can I get translation into english of your article you wrote.

Dave Egloff From Syracuse,New York , USA

09:26:08 7/05/2006
Looking for a decent comm receiver for SWL. Prefer a trade deal, interested? email me.

Tom From Ohio , USA

07:32:51 6/25/2006
Thanks for the great information!

I couldn't stop laughing on the part you described killing TR, I know that feeling, I did too (not just once).
I enjoyed your passion to give soecond life very much. Those electronics you are fixing born/produced with the purpose, l could hear their thanking to you to have their job back.

Ken From Toronto , Canada

Tom Dailey
07:59:42 6/02/2006
Having just resurrected one of the Allied 2515A's, I wonder if you might have the alignment procedure about. Considering it's price in 1970, it provided a fairly good value for the dollar, I suspect. Trio-Kenwood certainly came a long way.

arigato... Tom

Tom Dailey From Denver, Colorado , USA

04:57:50 5/31/2006
WHat is this?

KAthy From Wichita , United States

04:57:22 5/31/2006
WHat is this?

KAthy From Wichita , United States

Dr George J
00:08:15 5/27/2006
Very Nice site..i will like to use your site for our management advert on LOAN OFFERING..
we do give out loan with 0.5% return per year...please if any interesting kind should contact us on

Dr George J From Liverpool , United Kingdom

23:43:11 5/20/2006
ATTENTION Collectors!

A Sony ICF-5900W is available For Sale.
Very Fine condition/ it works in all bands/ no scratches/ nothing broken/ missing only the strap.
Want to sell ASAP/ make offer

Ruben From New York City , USA

23:12:02 5/20/2006
Great place

ruben From new york city , usa

01:25:47 2/22/2006
Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems, and I apologize my slow (almost dead...) response.

> stephen From AKLD , NZ

Sorry, have no idea. If your unit is found in your country most likely it is localized to fit to your country.

> Keith Stickland From Geelong Victoria , Australia

For Lafayette manual, try

> Chris Rooney From Dayton, Ohio , USA

Please find my direct email reply to you.
BYW I went to Dayton just to see XB-70 Valkyrie last year. I failed because I didn't know it was stored in a special hander, and the bus ticker to the hanger was sold out when I realized.... :-< I need to visit again.

> Duane From Newfoundland , Canada

For C16, use 18pF instead of original 22pF. This brings you to the US-Euro FM band. You can add a simple amplifier if you need more power but observe the regulation in your country. I cannot give you a detail of how to build one - sorry.

Thanks again everybody!

dan From Tomioka , Japan

10:46:06 2/19/2006
Am currently in Japan doing training and came upon your kits in a local shop. I am really impressed with how much can be purchased here!

I have just purchased your TW-172D FM transmitter kit in hopes of changing the output to the North American FM range 88-108 and possibly boosting the output to greater than 10M. I am looking at transmitting X-Mas music to passer-bys during our holiday season. Although the info included in the kit is not English, I am sure one of my engineers can help me in translation. Any additional info would also be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for everything and I hope to see your products on the Canadian shelves in the near future! Great job by all involved!

Duane From Newfoundland , Canada

onyeze nwaguy
18:58:26 2/16/2006
nice looking site onyeze

onyeze nwaguy From lome , lome togo

Chris Rooney
08:19:58 1/29/2006
I am interested in contacting the Marushichi Corporation you mentioned in your article about the amplifier for your headset. I tried searching for them on the web, but had no luck. Could you give me their website address, physical address or telephone number? I would really appreciate it. Great site by the way!

Chris Rooney From Dayton, Ohio , USA

Keith Stickland
19:26:31 1/14/2006
I am Secretary of Radio Club VK3ANR(Geelong Radio & Electronics Society)We have had donated to us a Lafayette HA520 FM Communications Receiver which is in need of repair,and is missing valves we would like a valve layout and a circuit diagram for this model.and could you forward a copy.Thanks in advance .

Keith Stickland From Geelong Victoria , Australia

18:15:16 1/09/2006
Hi see you have an SLV FX5, one for sale here in NZ and wondering if it can pick up local TV stations, we use PAL but all I want it for is to receive the stereo signal sound only...anybody know please advise thanks..interesting article you wrote on yours...take care stephen

stephen From AKLD , NZ

Robert Polhamus KF6OZU
16:35:56 1/03/2006
Love your website. Kits and gadgets, fascinating! Restoration projects, were great because I collect, and restore early transistor radios.

Robert Polhamus KF6OZU From California , USA

00:47:01 1/02/2006
I'm trying to find a manual or help on the Sony SLV FX5. Your assistance is most appreciated.

Kathy From ontario , canada

Ang Ming Kuang
19:29:31 12/20/2005
I used Sony ICF-5900W in the mid'70 when I started in SWL. I never know the set was so popular then and attracted such attention until today. The tuning was unique although without digital readout. I got almost all stations from the world. The portable lasted me nearly a decade before I went on with other Sony receiver. Currently I am using ICF-SW100. What a change during last 30 years!

Ang Ming Kuang From Asia , Singapore

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