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09:15:46 3/27/2008
Hi: Thank you for all the information on the SBE-34.
The one piece of information i need though are the
power connection pins. If i knew what pins to connect
an AC cord or 12Volt supply to, i could check it out. I
once owned an SBE33 and enjoyed it.

David From Prescott, AZ , USA

23:24:06 3/26/2008
nice site

JOHN BOOTH From Houston, texase , USA

19:23:57 3/24/2008
I am so glad to hear Kieko is better. Strength to you in your time of crisis.
It is refreshing to see analog communications still alive and well.
Please tell us more about America and why you returned to Japan.


Richard From Cape Town , South Africa

07:11:41 3/21/2008
Interesting site. Thanks for sharing. Any SBE-34 owners or techs with info on Transmit - receive VFO tracking?

Charlie From Midwest , USA

Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret
03:40:47 2/23/2008
GREAT WEB SITE! We have added a link to our monthly newsletter so that more veterans can be made aware of this tremendous resource. Also, please visit our web site to learn about hidden benefits you are eligible for and how to increase your service-connected compensation or VA pension.

Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret From Highland, CA , USA

Gordon, VE5UJ
22:33:46 1/25/2008
Re. SB-34. Very enjoyable story. I have operated one "sometimes" over many years. Made many miles mobile with it years ago. Had many of the same symptoms you described. Good work and thanks.

Gordon, VE5UJ From Saskatchewan , Canada

05:45:43 1/10/2008
Thanks for the info on the ICF-5900W, I bought one years ago at an antique sale. I still have it.

Try a google on "Frank's-Box"


Frank From Colorado , USA

Henry Zeps
10:35:45 11/23/2007
I have an ICF-5900W, nice site. I too need the operating manual for the radio, if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Keith.

Henry Zeps From Sydney , Australia

Ralph Anderson
21:49:05 11/07/2007
The BFO, Sensitiviity and Bandswictches in my ICF5900W have become intermittent. I have tried spray contact cleaner but the switches seem to be sealed and the cleaner unable to penetrate. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and found a solution short of replacement?

Thank you

Ralph Anderson From Stuttgart , Germany

05:52:34 11/07/2007
Just curious. Looks like you have a lot of projects going.

Ed From near Chicago , USA

John Arnfield
18:01:32 11/02/2007
Hi, looking for information on Koden Navigator 555

John Arnfield From Brisbane, Queensland, , Australia

Joe Margarone K2DSO
04:27:23 10/29/2007
Thank you very much for this site and images. It is most helpful to me in my restoration of the Hallicrafters S-20R receiver. I have been searching for a site like this and finally found it. The images and diagrams are high quality and extremely useful for my project. Thanks again abd I am indebted to you for the help this site has provided for me.

Joe K2DSO 73

Joe Margarone K2DSO From Buffalo, NY , USA

edward Cancio
00:50:27 9/25/2007
I am a beginner dx'er. I have a sony icf-5900w. it is
truly a beginners unit. I was very happy to discover
your super web site as I need all the help that I can
get.....Edward.....disabled Vietnam vet......

edward Cancio From youngstown, ohio , north america ( usa )

Gern Sabourin
05:25:35 6/22/2007
I am searching for a Yaesu FL-100B operators manual.

Gern Sabourin From Edmonton Alberta , Canada

John D. Owens
08:56:54 6/19/2007
I am looking for a manual in english for the MY KIT 200 made by Gakken

John D. Owens From New York , USA

Shinji Inoue
10:52:49 2/21/2007
Hi,I get EC-1A,EHOPHONE from OM.
I was looking for schematic & searched to this page.

Shinji Inoue , Japan

peter moore
10:23:18 2/14/2007
Does anyone have a manual for a Gakken "My Kit 150" electronic project kit? I think my kit was probably made in the 1970's or ealier. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Peter: Christchurch New Zealand

peter moore From christchurch , new zealand

09:22:56 2/08/2007
I will be restoring a SBE-36 shortly. It would be great to see your restoration notes in English. Have you though about a translation?

Thank You !

Phil From Seattle, WA , USA

Brian Sannard
06:33:03 1/19/2007
I have a HQ-170a and at one time there was available a noise blanker for this and the HQ-180a Hammarlund recievers. Does any one know anything about this?

Brian Sannard From Kalamazoo Michigan , USA

12:34:47 1/09/2007


13:24:59 12/15/2006
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your web site. As a radio restorer myself, I can't tell you enough how I have enjoyed your step by step thought process and conclusions and how well written your pages are. They are a great tool to radio hobby people and I will continue to follow along on your radio journies.

Richard From Upstate New York , usa

23:02:12 12/03/2006
Hello Lew:

Regarding the HQ-170 - what I observed in my unit is a noticeable frequency drift (chirp) associated with the incoming signal strength. I digged up that the local oscillator frequency within the 3rd frequency converter varies as the AGC voltage changes. I tentatively disconnected the AGC voltage from the 3rd converter, resulted in a chirp-free crisp code reception. I don't know if mine had a hidden problem which caused this, or this was an original characteristic of HQ-170A.
Slow, but continuous frequency drift is also annoying. I haven't studied what is the primary reason of this or haven't tried to reduce it. If this is caused by a aged component such as capacitor, then finding a replacement with compensable temperature characteristic will be quite time consuming although would be rewarding. For now, I keep this receiver for my future project (maybe after retirement...?)


dan From Tomioka , Japan

23:45:48 11/25/2006
Nice web!!! I am restoring an HQ170 receiver. Any suggestions on calming the drift down appreciated? Its a fun radio. I use it on the air but need to keep retuning. 73-Lew K1NDV

Lew From Boston, Mass. , USA

23:35:11 11/03/2006
I have finished the assembly of the FM transmitter kit and with a minor modification to L1 & L2 (henna guy jean dess!) I am transmitting on 88.5 with a distance of almost 300m with only 3VDC (2 AA batteries)!! Great kit... excellent response and I am still hopefull I will see more of your products available in Canada soon!

Duane From Newfoundland , Canada

Matt Scoble
22:39:10 10/18/2006
Hi- I have a Echophone Commercial model EC 1,which looks like the picture on your website. Can you tell me anything about the history of this radio, years of manufacture, etc? Thanks, Matt

Matt Scoble From Oakland, California , U.S.A.

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