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Terry Bakowski
14:38:28 2/01/2005
I must compliment you on your website..very well done! You have a great collection of 'boatanchors' that would be the envy of many, as well as the more modern radios on your site. Thank you for sharing your collection and providing a place to post questions and links to radio topics.
One site I found very useful is the BAMA (boat-anchor manual archive)
which has user/operations manuals and schematics for just about any radio you can name..or so it seems :). I hope this is useful to your visitors.
Best regards,
Terry Bakowski, Chicago

Terry Bakowski From Chicago, Illinois , USA

Nick Valk
06:26:55 1/29/2005
Searching the web for operating manuals, I found the following site with lots of info:

W7FG Vintage Manuals Catalog

Try them, they are very nice people to deal with.


Nick Valk From Greeneville, Tennssee , USA

Nick Valk
06:22:43 1/29/2005

Nick Valk

Nick Valk
06:19:21 1/29/2005
A friend gave me a Benmar Navigator 555A Direction finder. Searching the web for info I found your website and a restore article on the same unit. Does anybody have a manual on this instrument ?
Thanks for the info.

Nick Valk From Greeneville, Tennessee , USA

23:24:46 1/26/2005

Go to your favorite web search engine and type "echophone EC-1A schematic diagram". I see 2 shops selling the schematic copy. I have one, but I purchased mine from a similar shop so I hesitate to put it here.
Good luck in your restoration!

dan From Tomioka , Japan

OlúŠpio JosEFranco
03:29:59 1/26/2005
I have a Radio Receiver Echophone Model EC-1A that I am needing to repair it.But I don't have the schematics drawings.
How could I get it ?

OlúŠpio JosEFranco
55 19 38760296
55 11 96376742

OlúŠpio JosEFranco From Vinhedo -SP , Brazil

rullah malik
08:32:07 1/22/2005
I am looking for the service manual of sony icf 5900w

rullah malik From Jakarta , Indonesia

Dennis Sarriugarte
14:43:51 1/16/2005
Can anyone tell me the difference between a Panasonic RX-2200, RX-2600 and an RX-2800. Are they electronically the same except for the addition of a digital read out. Thanks for the help. I'd like to get into some SW listening after years of being away. I was once W7BGS as a teen back in the 50's. Can anyone recommend a beginner's book that will bring me up to speed on modern terminology.

Dennis Sarriugarte From Salem, OR , USA

23:35:00 1/14/2005

Try ManualMan.


dan From Tomioka , Japan

Chris Hulsen
11:00:28 1/12/2005
Dear Sir,
Interesting site.Would like to know if you have a manual for a
Lafayette 99-33094 Antena Impedance meter.Maybe know someone who does?
Please reply and thank you.

Chris Hulsen From North BellmoreNY , USA

21:20:41 1/10/2005
Hello hewage,

Sorry, we don't have it and we don't sell items...

dan From Tomioka , Japan

03:47:32 1/10/2005
looking for sony icf 7600d pcb .if you
can supply please inform me earlist possible,because i need this board to be replaced. thanks

hewage From abudhabi , united arab emirate

03:47:06 1/10/2005
looking for sony icf 7600d pcb .if you
can supply please inform me earlist possible,because i need this board to be replaced. thanks

hewage From abudhabi , united arab emirate

22:08:21 1/07/2005
Hola Johnny.
Yo lo siento.
Yo no tengo un manual del funcionamiento para Sony ICF-5900W.
Yo espero que alguien lo ayudara.

Everyone, Johnny is looking for an operation manual for ICF-5900W. Can somebody help him?

dan From Tomioka , Japan

01:04:58 1/07/2005
Hola, necesito informacion sobre el radio icf5900w ya que recibi un radio de mi abuelo y no tengo el manual de operacion, le agradeceria mucho cualquier ayuda para obtener copia del mismo.

Johnny From San Jose Costa Rica , Costa Rica

23:59:36 1/05/2005

Charles From Usa , USA

Omar Fuentes
11:00:23 12/29/2004
I just my SONY ICF-5900W in a garage sale for $2.00 (should I smile?)in great shape and perfect working conditions, but I think I need some kind of tuning. Any comment where can I get some instructions to do it? Thank you in advance!

Omar Fuentes From Melbourne, Florida , U.S.A.

Keith Potter
04:47:38 12/28/2004
Thank you for the very useful information regarding the SBE-33, and the SBE-34 transceivers. Your webpages have been of great assistance in making repairs to my SBE-33 & SBE-34.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Keith Potter From Tennessee , USA

19:50:17 12/11/2004
Great Site, please Visit my.

Charles From Usa , USA

Lasse Jaakola - Architect
04:15:42 12/08/2004
Very nice website.

Lasse Jaakola - Architect From Seattle, Washington , USA

dave sumner
08:54:47 11/25/2004
Pogo is very beautiful and I hope she is growing well. Also hope Keiko is better.
You mention sailing a boat. It is easy to do. I have a 3m sailing boat which I take to sea, up to a few miles offshore. I use an old radio direction finder, not GPS.
Best wishes
G3PVH (ex Fujitsu)

dave sumner From Near Horsham , UK

Joseph Gephart
08:04:19 11/14/2004
Very Good Help,Thanks and Thanks again.
I Am aligning a Lafayette HE-80 Receiver.

Joseph Gephart From Agusta Ks , Butler

00:34:23 11/13/2004


00:55:48 11/12/2004


00:07:17 11/10/2004

Exact replacement will not be possible. I think the best way would to find a meter in same size and swap the scale panel, although I have not tried it. You may want to continue search the Web by keywords Electronic, parts, surplus, meter...

dan From Tomioka , Japan

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