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Ekrem CIR
02:26:49 3/18/2004
I search Sony ICF-SW77 service manual.
Thnk & Rgds.

Ekrem CIR From Istanbul , Turkey

wayne K7NCE
02:21:28 3/05/2004
Thanks so much for the beautiful copy of the Hallicrafters S-20R manual and schematic. I've been looking all around for a schematic that I can actually read. All the copies I could previously find were so "blurred" that I could not read the part numbers! Thanks again! 73's Wayne

wayne K7NCE From Turlock, California , USA

Cliff White
07:43:48 2/20/2004
Enjoyed you web site. Looking for schematics for SBE-36 - Thanks WB5DYA

Cliff White From Austin Texas , USA

rajendra sharma
13:14:06 2/09/2004
i am interested in mini lab

rajendra sharma From India Delhi , India

Fred Osterman, Universal Radio
01:31:38 2/02/2004
I very much enjoyed your website. The photography is magnificent. Very well organized presentation. I learned many new facts on several shortwave radio models. Most interesting. Thank you for this great effort.

Fred Osterman, Universal Radio From Reynoldsburg, Ohio , USA

Jan Berry
16:40:02 1/27/2004
It was interesting to read the info. on the Sony ShortWave Radio ICF-5900W. Not being a "radio person" I only understood 1/3 of it. I had this radio back in the early 1980s when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa. It was my constant companion and life line to news from the outside world. What a great radio. I left it with friends when I left. Everyone there loved it because it didn't use batteries up as quickly as what was available locally. Does anyone have any suggestions where/howto pick up another one? Thanks

Jan Berry From Seattle , USA

Lou deGonzague
10:59:02 1/26/2004
Was working on an Echophone EC1 and needed to see what the underside looked like. Found this website on Google in seconds, GREAT. A previous repair had filter cap to case instead of chassis, didn't look right to me. Anyone else working on this set?

Lou deGonzague From Latham NY , USA

Pedro Pinto
04:46:01 1/24/2004
Hello everyone,

I would like to have a copy of user manual of it (Tube Tester TE-55)- does anyone know where I can find one, even if it is a photo copy, or PDF file?

Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto From Europe , Portugal

Ed Mitkus
10:29:48 1/23/2004
Great to see a site that has info relating to the ICF5900W-I still have one, that was purchased in 1978. Still works,needs some alignment,but thanks to your help I can get that done. This radio is still a very nice set-even my new wife has asked questions about it. I also found info on obtaining a manual. Thanks again.

Ed Mitkus From Tenn. , USA

01:54:43 1/11/2004
Michael and everybody;

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems website.
I added English comments into the GR-64 page. It is not a full translation but completelty covers the technical part. Hope this helps.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

Michael Symonette
08:40:28 1/10/2004
Can someone tell me how to get the english version "HeathKit GR-64 Restoration Project" as listed on this site ?

Michael Symonette From Atlanta, Georgia , USA

14:22:46 12/29/2003
Hi everyone,
I have a Sony ICF-5800, and I am looking for a user manual for it - does anyone know where I can find one, even if it is a photo copy?


Desiree From Philadelphia , USA

22:58:18 12/26/2003

No, I don't have 2200 anymore... it was gone long time ago. Anyone?
I suggest to watch Internet auction for a suitable pating out unit.

I modified guestbook script a little bit. Below is a test, please ignore. Thanks!
Massachusetts bass class assumes assortment of assembler assistants.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

07:35:00 12/19/2003
Do you have any parts for a panasonic RF-2200 radio? I need the gyro antenae and the Bass knob.

Bryan From Schenectady, New York , US

dan, still quite busy...
22:42:34 12/01/2003
Hello George;

to get EC-1 schematic.

dan, still quite busy... From Tomioka , Japan

george sanders
10:05:33 11/27/2003
hi,nice job on your radios,I looking for a readable schmematic for a echophone comerical like the first one you have listed,any recomendations,thanks N5RLA

george sanders From corpus christi texas , usa

Mort Robinson
10:26:10 11/17/2003
I am preparing to part with my ICF-5900W. It works, after a fashion, but is probably best suited to be a parts donor for other radios. Includes good antenna, AC adapter, battery cover, earphone. Email for details.

Mort Robinson From South Carolina , United States

Jaak van Waeg
06:24:46 11/13/2003

Your Lafayette tubetester is similar to the Kyoritsu K119.
Thans for the schematic,


Jaak van Waeg From brussels

05:50:48 11/11/2003
I enjoyed your page on the SB-34, it was very informative. I used this radio in the mid-70's while I went to college, recently found another one on ebay and bought it, look forward to putting it on the air again.

Jeff From Colfax, CA , USA

01:05:28 11/04/2003
Thanks for a Great Site!
I will pay a premium price for a ICF 5900W antenna in good condition or for repair of the original, my original antenna is intact but damaged. I purchased my ICF 5900 new in 1975 for $150.US at a "Radio Shack store" it has served me well for the 28 years I have owned it and is still in excellent condition with exception of the antenna which has a few damaged sections.

Bill From Washington State , USA

12:52:18 10/23/2003
hello, i was very pleased to see the 5500 skysensor on your site! it was my first shortwave receiver. i no longer have it but i would be very interested in getting another one! any ideas where i might could find one?

jerry From coastal south carolina , us

02:13:25 10/19/2003
Dear Sirs;
Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems Lab. and signing
in to our guestbook. And I apologize my slow response.
Regarding the Heathkit GR-64: I believe my unit achieved
to get the performance I usually expect from 5 tubes
single superheterodyne, after many hours of studying how the superheterodyne works.

What I did, after all, were as folllow;

1. Replaced a padding capacitor, which connects band A
oscillator coil and band D oscillator coil. The
original design is to use 350pF, and I found it was
too less to align the band A. I installed 380pF
and the tracking alignment of band A became perfect.

2. Band C tracking was completely impossible. I added
0.01uF in parallel to the 0.002uF band C oscillator
padding capacitor. This made the band C tracking
alignment possible, resulted almost perfect tracking.
The radio became vivid.

3. Replaced AGC filter capacitor with 0.0068uF; the
original design was 0.01uF which AGC response was
too fast to me.

4. Removed AGC voltage from 12BE6 frequency converter.
AGC characteristic became less than ideal, but
frequency stability improved.

5. This was most important; replaced 12BE6 2nd/4th grid
resister from original 12kOhm to 20kOhm. With the
original 12k, the 2nd/4th grid voltage of 12BE6 was
approx. 150V, it was unreasonably high. With 20kOhm,
the grid voltage became ideal 100V. The resister should
be at least 1W class. 2W is desired.
The intention of original design was unknown to me,
but it certainly caused noisy, chirpy and unstable
converter operation. Maybe the local oscillator
waveform became distorted, generated a lot of
With the original 12kOhm, the S meter indicated
moderate S reading at 22MHz and higher, even though
ther was no incoming signal. With modified 20kOhm,
no such strange behavior. I guess the local oscillator
harmonics caused pseudo incoming signal and detected,
raised AGC voltage and reduced the receiver gain.
So with 20kOhm, band D became usable and sensitive.
For lower bands, reception became powerful, quiet and

6. Rest was just a regular alignment of a single superhet
for home radios.

Still bad points - frequency stability and dial backlash.
Stability may be improved if proper temperature coefficient
capacitor is found. But there will be less hope in improving
carelessly designed dial mechanism.

Hope these help; please tell me your result if you don't
mind, I will write it into the english version page sometime
in the future.

To other gentlemen who questioned here, please please accept my apology of being slow in response.



dan From Tomioka , Japan

malcolm halliday
05:01:11 10/18/2003
had no luck in translating heathkit gr-64 restoration page from japaniese to english even though i loaded the xp japanese translator and couldn't find it to deleate it to load it again,anbody got a translation they can send me or any suggestions.thanks malcolm

malcolm halliday From tiverton.devon , england

George Overturf
06:26:34 10/14/2003
Thanks for the SBE SB-36 manual! Do you have the schematics for this unit as well?

George Overturf From Brentwood, CA , USA

Joe Perge
04:49:10 9/20/2003
Great web page of older radios! My Bendix 550 Navigator is very similar to your Benmar radio. Can you send me the schematic of your Benmar radio? I saw it listed, but it is not readable.
Thanks, Joe, WB8HWF

Joe Perge From Newark, ohio , USA

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