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charles montgomery
03:41:55 6/28/2005
lookin for a copy of panasonic2200 user manual.

charles montgomery From comfort,yexas , u.s.

06:45:13 6/13/2005
Hello out there! I just listed a ICF-5900W on ebay today, just thought some of you might wanna know! :)

B From Glendale, AZ , USA

15:31:51 6/09/2005
I am looking for the service manual of ICF-5500.
Would you send a copy file?

iku From Gunma Annaka , Japan

10:04:57 6/08/2005
Great site. I've visited before but today I just bought an ICF-5900W on E-Bay. I had one 25 years ago, but traded it for another radio. I've been looking for one for while and (hopefully) got a good one for a good price ($127.50 US.) E-Bay had 6 for sale today. I don't have the test equipment to align it, but if it needs it,I'll find someone who does.

Frank From near Chicago, Illinois , USA

aku baik
17:25:27 6/06/2005
Good web site...please compare with
thank you

aku baik

01:51:47 5/09/2005
Thank you for your nice story with Try-X 1600. I found my 1600 page has not been reformatted recently so I updated it. All my pages were originally written with Netscape composer and its output is quite dirty, so I've been re-writing all the pages with a mere text editor --- handmade HTML. :-)
My 1600 is still here with disassembled. Supplying a missing shortwave coil is a great challenge to me so I'm studying how to do it through other projects... very slow pace but is in process.
In general, bad contact in the band switch is the common problem in the old multiband radios. Using contact clearner spray might help (consult Radio Shack). But meantime, I read many stories that transistors or FETs failed after a long period of time. In your case the MW and SW are inoperative, which shares same circuits such as a local oscillator or 455kHz intermediate frequency amplifier. if this is the case fixing will be difficult without proper knowledge how to deal with it.
Perhaps we are in the same generation... the first thing we bought with "my own money". Please keep it with you, its your memory and a part of your life once upon a time.
...and I want to go to Las Vegas again....

dan From Tomioka , Japan

20:53:46 5/08/2005
Wow...very cool! I was rumaging through some old boxes and found my old radio. It's a Toshiba RP 1600F. This radio was one of the first things I ever bought with my own money when I was a young teenager back in 1975. It quit working years ago but I couldn't seem to part with it. I decided to plug it in and give it a try. All I could hear was static. The light on the dial still worked and the Tun/Batt gauge seemed to be working when I tuned it near a radio station I knew existed in my area - but I couldn't hear anything. Even though there is a warning label on the back that says "No user serviceable parts inside" I decided to open it up. Did I mention I know nothing about radios or electronics? Anyway...I found that the potentiameter (spelling?) seemed to have "shorts" in them and by jiggling the switches I actually got it to work!

I think the last thing I probably listed to on it was maybe John Denver or something and I'm sure the radio was shocked to have System of the Down blaring from the speaker! Well, anyway, only the FM works. I couldn't get anything from AM or Shortwave to play. If I only knew would be cool to have this old but cool looking radio working like it used too.

I was surprised to find a website on the internet with an actual picture and some information...thanks!

Take care,

Brad From Las Vegas, Nevada , USA

Michael Haspel
08:07:38 5/07/2005
I have a Benmar Navigator 555 with original manual in perfect condition. Would you be interested in purchasing it to add to your collection. If not do you know who might be interested. Thank you.

Michael Haspel From Boca Raton, Florida , US

Miroslav Kimlicka
18:11:06 4/26/2005
Thank you for the page. Where I can buy these kits in Slovakia?

Miroslav Kimlicka From Central Europe , Slovak Republic

robert carlson
06:42:48 4/14/2005
thank you for the page

robert carlson From reno nevada , u.s.a.

03:04:19 4/05/2005
Hello ALL,

I bought a SONY ICF-5900W from a old markt. It's in exalent working condition. Does any one has the manual for it?

Thangavel P N

Thangavel From Munich , Germany

07:51:48 4/04/2005
Hello Jim;

Thank you for signing up. Regarding the Kenwood KR-9340, what I did was as follows.

When I obtained it at a flea market, it came with a spare chassis with
several circuit boards. The seller tried to "combine into one" to fix it but he
didn't have time to do so. This helped me a lot.

-- Dial Cord cabling.

The cord was not in place when I acquired it.

-- Replaced the diode bridge rectifier used in the
driver amplifier power supply.

First it only illuminated the lamps but no operation at all.
This was found to be a failure of the bridge rectifier, caused
a blown fuse onboard.
I had a spare board along with the original unit, so simply
replaced the board.

-- Audio output protection board.

Fixing the bridge diode gave the power to the tuner board
and tone control circuits, but the power amplifier was not
activated. Wiggling the ASO protection board (with a relay
mounted) resolved the problem. I have a spare ASO board also
but using it was not necessary.

-- Replaced a power amplifier board.

Now the power amplifier is up, but one channel out of four
was silent. Problem was somewhere in the power amplifier
board, which is edge connector mounted, was replaced as
I had a spare board. Comparing two boards would show me
the exact reason of the failure, but I didn't.

-- Replaced a small electrolythic capacitor.

The unit back in life, used for a couple of years, then
hum became obvious. Replacing big filter capacitors saved
nothing. The true reason was a small capacitor underside
of the chassis failed mechanically (photo seen). Installing
a new one completely cured the hum.

-- Again hum.... waiting to be fixed again

Lab relocated to Japan, the unit again showed hum after
a half year. Because of the space restriction, the KR-9340
was stowed in the NoobowSystems Inactive Project Storage
Center (a.k.a. a closet of Granma's home).

This is a nice unit with pleasant looking. Hope soon I
have time and place to fix it.........

dan From Tomioka , Japan

20:27:57 4/03/2005
Very nice site! I arrived through a search relating to the Sony 5900, but found the rest of the site inc your family pages very entertaining too! I was surprised to see no Panasonics in your radio section although you mention your RF2200 in the 5900 report. In addition to owning a 5900 I also have several Panasonics: RF2200, DR29 [RF2900] with a 2nd on it's way. Am in the process of purchasing RF2600 & DR28. Like you I remember these from being a kid in the 70s! Just wish I had your skills in diagnosis & repair [which is why I have to buy working radios only!]... I really want to visit Japan one day - maybe I'll visit NoobowSystems to see for myself!! All the best - Adrian.

Adrian From Ipswich , UK

Jim Cain
22:59:34 4/01/2005
Great site with excellent pictures of some fine boatanchors. Could you tell me what exactly you did to retore the Kenwood KR-9340? I have a similar model that lights up but no output.
Thanks again.

Jim Cain From Altadena, CA , USA

Laurie H. Cote
21:40:46 3/29/2005
I am looking for a Sony icf6800w

Laurie H. Cote From Harvard U. , USA

Jon Kettenhofen
07:12:35 3/29/2005
I have a Sony CRF-160 in nearly perfect shape except that the push-button switches
which change the Shortwave (AM) bands don't work. I need a new (good) CP/IF
board because the switches are built into it. If anyone reading this can help me find a replacement (preferably with components mounted) please email me at I don't speak Japanese, so please don't put any Asian language on the Subject line! Thanks! Great idea for a web site.

Jon Kettenhofen From Augusta, Georgia , USA

20:40:03 3/28/2005
i have a very nice sony icf5900w for sale...everything works fine,no damage,well taken care of ..$200 plus shipping..(i have a 99.9% e-bay feedback rating)

wayne From fl. , U.S.

20:12:43 3/28/2005
anyone interested in a very nice sony icf5900w? problems..make me an offer,and ill let you know.

wayne From fl. , u.s.

02:17:18 3/26/2005
Hello Oliver;

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems Lab. Unfortunately I don't have an instruction manual of this unit. (Even if I have it, it would be written in Japanese.)

dan From Tomioka , Japan

Oliver Nolledo
20:44:55 3/25/2005
my vhs hi-fi stereo model SLV-FX5 is all written in japanese, can you pls. sent me the manual so i could know what other functions of this unit, thanks...

Oliver Nolledo From Zamboanga City , Philippines

Jack & Annett
23:35:06 3/09/2005
Really like your website.
keep up the good work.

All the best Jack & Annett, code:( jbarr )

Jack & Annett From BEde , England and Germany.

Michael Koffler
00:40:42 3/06/2005
Nice website!

Michael Koffler From Southern California , USA

01:55:33 3/01/2005
I forgot to advise:
to answer to my e-mail,
remove the $ of the address.

TNX again


H.O.Lima From Sao Paulo , Brazil

01:53:28 3/01/2005
Hi, congratulations for your site, unfortunately I cannot read japanese to complete understanding, but with the images it is easy. I have a Leader LSG-532 and I cannot find where to buy its manual, or schematics. Please if you know someone who could help me I'll be very pleased.



H.O.Lima From Sao Paulo , Brazil

Nick Valk
22:53:58 2/02/2005
Thank you Terri Bakowski for your 2/01/2005 message re. BAMA. Their website is:
There is an "e" between the d and b.
Thanks again, it's a very helpful site.

Nick Valk From Greeneville, Tennessee , USA

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