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06:16:47 3/21/2011
Sign of recovery - Mar. 21, 2011 2055JST

18 litter of gas obtained yesterday, 10 litter for Turbo Falcon, 8 litter to motorcycle. Since the fuel efficiency is more important now, all remaining fuel was moved from TDM850 to PS250; with using external tank, total 17 litter loaded - 400km is now guaranteed. And 5 day worth for Turbo Falcon, perhaps 7 days. Let's see whether the fuel supply chain recovers within a week. If not... well, enjoy it anyway.

On the highway I tried to find a big truck running at 80kph so that I could tailgate in order to minimize the fuel consumption of PS250. Amazingly, or rather understandable, there weren't any for 45 minutes. Yes, now many trucks are out of service simply due to the fuel shortage.

But today at a bakery near the L3, a plenty of bread and packs of fresh milk were found! I saw a sign of recovery.

dan From L3 , Japan

08:34:42 3/17/2011
Status report, May 17, 2011 2300JST

Haven't seen a loaf of bread, fresh milk or gas station without hours of waiting row. Large blackout imminent. It is very cold tonight, but I surrender using my air conditioner or heater in Lab.3 to save power - Core i7 processor is the only heat source. Room temperature 6 deg C and decreasing, still I have to consider it warm enough... yes, I'm proud of being an all-season, all-weather motorcycle rider. There are so many people freezing over there now.... I'm very sorry. REALLY SORRY.

BTW the location of Lab.1, Tomioka city, Gunma prefecture, is different from Tomioka town in Fukushima prefecture where the Fukushima No.2 nuclear powerplant is located. Do I have anything to do for the people evacuated from Tomioka town....? I must do something for sure.

dan From L3 , Japan

03:50:37 3/14/2011
Jim, thanks. If you bring me 2 gallons of gas and a 1 litter pack of fresh milk, that will be too great.

On the quake's night, it was really amazing --- a hundreds of thousands of people were walking the street, many for 6 to 8 hours to get their homes. L3 to L1 took 4 hours in my case on TDM850; one of my coworkers took 9 hours by a car.

I hope every survivor in the area is relieved as soon as possible, and I thank all the help from all over the world.

dan From L3 , Japan

03:37:28 3/14/2011
Earthquake Risk Management Update, 1750JST, Mar. 14, 2011.

Travel from L1 to L3 (Mar. 13 2310JST - Mar. 14 0110JST) was extremely smooth as there was almost no weekend travelers on the road. All gas stations are closed due to sold out. TDM850 has a range of 200 mi which is marginal for the L1<->L3 round trip. Because refueling in Tomioka was not possible, it had 85% of fuel when started from L1.
If there is still no gas station found on the return trip, then the remaining fuel upon L1 arrival will be just 0.4 gallons.

Today the TEPCO started the planned power outage, which was not done since the WWII era. Power to L3 is planned to be down from 1700JST to 1900JST today. Fortunately it is still not happening.

Gasoline, batteries, DC power inverters, portable gas tanks, and fresh foods are all gone even in undamaged cities - mainly because people are quite afraid of real shortage.

Still the cities are quite calm, no sign of real panic or plunder --- what we can proud of this country --- so far.

At Lab.1 yesterday, emergency power supply training performed. Eu-9i generator operation procedure was trained, however, Pogo was too small to pull the recoil starter. Instead, Pogo can activate the emergency lighting using the sub battery system of Mitsubishi Delica D:5, also she can start the engine if necessary. The planned power outage will not continue after 7PM local, therefore using the emergency power supply will not be so much required.

dan From L3 , Japan

The Nolans (Jim)
19:53:05 3/13/2011

I'm glad you and the family are ok. The tsunami damage is terrible. Please tell me if I can do anything for you.

My company usually matches donations to red cross. When this is setup I will try to get a collection together to have the donation matched. I'll check back here if/when they turn this on.

Again staff safe my friend.


The Nolans (Jim) From Boulder Creek CA , USA

06:52:07 3/12/2011
Earthquake Damage and Risk Assessment

Lab.1 (Tomioka): No damage expect just a few items dropped from shelves. Possible Risks: Temporary interruption of electric power as the power provided by power plants is less than the demand. Possibility high, impact middle. Countermeasure: use Honda Eu9i portable generator - test run completed. Prepare fuel in the external spare tank - tomorrow. Buy extra batteries. Stock water in PET bottles - done. Possible Risks: Traveling between Lab 1 and Lab 3 may stay difficult due to road closure and jam. Possibility middle, impact middle. Countermeasure: Refuel the TDM850 before trip meter counts 100 mi so that another 100 mi could be traveled without refueling. Always carry water, food and medicine when travel.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

12:21:51 3/11/2011
Earthquake Status Report Mar. 12, 0400JST

Lab. 1 (Tomioka)Power restored 12 hours after initial impact.
Internet connection operational. Main disk storage back on line. Travel from L3 to L1 took 4 hours, compares to 1.75 hours on normal condition.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

05:08:06 3/11/2011
Earthquake Status Report, Mar. 11, 2100JST

Lab.1 (Tomioka): No personnel damage, no building damage. Lost electrical power for 6 hours now, room temperature cool but survivable. No internet connection. Analog metalic telephone line operational.
Lab.2: No personnel damage. No building damage. Lifeline fully operational. Analog metalic telephone operational.
Lab.3: No personnel damage. No building damage. Lifeline fully operational. WiMAX connection operational. Softbank 3G network operational for internet; Softbank mail transmission OK, but cannot receive. Softbank voice phone on via 3G network cannot establish link. All public transportation and highway stopped, all major road heavily jammed. TDM850 fully operational.

Deepest sorrow to victims.


dan From Lab 3 , Japan

Tom Fernandez
22:59:36 2/07/2011
Thanks for the interesting story on the Sony Skysensor radio.

Tom Fernandez From Mount Dora, Florida , USA

Jim Nolan
12:47:51 12/28/2010

We got the Christmas package thanks. The Totoro stuff is so cute. My daughter has it in her mind now to learn Japanese so that she can communicate with Pogo.

I'm sad to see your company doesn't know how to run their business in Japan. I believe you will do better in the new place. I think it will be hard to commute, but I know you like to drive :)

Does anybody else from our team in the U.S. work at the new location?

I finally got my Elecraft K2 to communicate, but it is 500KHz off. I'm not sure what to adjust on it to get it to be on top dead center for frequency. When I tune someone that is say on 3500 I tune them best by being on 3500.5

I have the KSB2 (SSB module) and KIO2 (I/O RS232 module) installed, but not the KPA100 (RF Amp) yet.

Any pointers from you, my ham-radio sensei, would be great.

Your friend,

73 de KF6QVO

Jim Nolan From Boulder Creek CA , USA

Mr Peter McCormack
09:59:07 10/06/2010
I have a Gakken mykit 200 and wanting to know if anyone has instructions for this set.I was also wanting to know how much these are worth now?I was thinking around about 100 pounds sterling because these are quite rare now and its in excellent condition.Can anyone give me feedback please.All help



Mr Peter McCormack From Hartlepool , England

09:54:12 9/03/2010
I visited a page. I am trying to revive an SBE model 34 too.

Gus From BUE , Rep Argentina

07:35:34 7/08/2010
I am trying to revive an SBE model 34 and greatly appreciate your website. I wonder if you can tell me the correct ohm value for resistor R3. I cannot read it clearly on the schematic and I am concerned that a previous owner replaced it with the wrong value. Mine radio has 47 ohm. The schematic looks like 47K. Thanks!

Don From New Mexico , USA

ed barnhart
13:13:22 6/12/2010
Looking for a manual for a Robyn model 500 a

ed barnhart From ohio , USA

09:22:50 4/28/2010
Is a maintenance manual available for an SBE SB-36 transceiver?

Bud From Pittsburg , USA

09:48:08 3/30/2010
what a wonderful website. you clearly have been bitten by the restoration bug. i too have spent many hours in the electronics hobby - started out building heathkits-sure miss em. the last heathkit i built was the 5meg scope, single trace. its still on my bench and still works. i am 60yrs young and finally got my amateur ticket KE5UBJ. will be upgrading to general class soon. 73's to you and i wish i could read japanese.

larry From waco, tx , usa

07:19:53 3/17/2010
Hello guys,

oh my, I have fallen in love with your Mitsubishi Delica. I am looking for one and stumbled over your picture, its a beautiful vehicle ...

i wish you all the best, happy travels

Ben =)

Benny From Melbourne , Australia

dan sakakibara
17:34:57 3/04/2010
Dear visitors,
Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems website. We have changed our domain name (tld) from .com to .org. Please update your bookmarks. will continue to run for a while.

I will be happy if my experience with Ohlins shock absorber for PS250 would solve yours as well. There aren't much aftermarket parts available for PS250; if you find something on Japanese web store, I will assist you to buy one if I can find my time for doing so.

Were you okay with that earthquake? The tsunami reached at Japan's coast, it made me to remind that we are living on our only planet.
The LSG-100 manual I have is in Japanese, only 2 pages, only describing basic operation and no service info. If you are going to fix it by yourself, I believe the operation manual will not help so much. The circuit diagram is also available on my Signal Generator page.

dan sakakibara From Tomioka , Japan

07:36:25 3/02/2010
I have an Leader LGS-100 signal generator that I need fix it.
Can someone send me a manual in english, please?

carlos From santiago,rm , chile

Warren Flearl NØWF
11:45:21 2/27/2010
I ordered an Ohlins HO839 for my Honda PS250 based on your experience, thank you for writing that webpage! OEM Honda PS250 rear shock is very weak, the Ohlins should fix that! I also bought a Kijima Basket Rack but am looking for other Honda PS250 accessories from Japan, perhaps we can swap some Radio equipment for Japanese PS250 items? Enjoyed your Radio and 4WD Van pages as well. Thank you and 73 de NØWF

Warren Flearl NØWF From Omaha, Nebraska , USA

22:43:27 12/29/2009
Jim, nice to hear from you.
In fact, soon after we shipped the box we realized that the greeting card was left in the packet as NOS condition (>_<) so that you could reuse it (-_-)
Instead, I will send you our new year greeting card (PDF version) via email.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

The Nolan
13:16:49 12/28/2009
Thanks so much for the gifts we will send you some in return. Pogo is looking so cute. I don't do much Ham Radio lately, but I think about it. :) Please confirm your mailing address via e-mail.

The Nolan From Boulder Creek, California , USA

Elio Carrasi
03:31:19 12/06/2009
I am looking for a manual in english or italian for the MY KIT 200 made by Gakken (educational electronic kit)

Elio Carrasi From Milan , Italy

06:41:28 11/12/2009
Found a Sony ICF-5900W multi band radio tucked away in a closet, in working order. I looked at your page on that model, thanks for posting that and all the great information there!

Tommy From South Florida , USA

Glenn N5PQ
13:49:20 10/29/2009
I was just given an SBE SB36. It appears to have a dead HF Xtal oscillator, and the VFO appears to have a dirty output also. I sure could use a schematic to make the process less difficult. Can anybody help me? Thanks
PS. I am replacing the rubber drive belt with a winding of fly fishing line, like I used to repair old AM/FM tuners with.

Glenn N5PQ From Mississippi , USA

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