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07:12:07 9/30/2009
I am cleaning my garage and came across a bendix navigator 555 in good condition with operating instruction disc (paper) any one have any idea of the value thanks

harry From swedesboro nj , usa
http://bendix navigator 555

Antonio Marques
13:39:22 6/24/2009
Just looking for any info on where to buy a SONY ICF-
5900W in Tokyo or Japan

Antonio Marques From Tokyo , Japan

Jim Willis
01:48:53 5/23/2009
I found your web page while looking for articles on an Echophone EC-1 (I have
one that works). I also have an Astro van that has over 225,000 miles on it. I found your page to be excellent. It improved my day.
Thank you.

Jim Willis From Norfolk, Virginia , USA

01:38:30 4/28/2009
Furukawa san, nice to hear from you again! And I'm sorry (again...) for my late reply.

Yes, I'll be glad if you allow me to use your pic to introduce the misfortune SB-35. Or, that'll be great if you write a comment or a page for SB-35!

Talking about my SBEs, the SB-36 has not been fixed; seems like it has a problem somewhere in the receiver signal chain. And the DRIVE cord was disconnected - I have to find an replacement of rubber cord or equivalent. We relocated to a new house, and during the move, SB-34's power cable was lost (cannot find where) therefore I cannot power it up. The expansion of 7MHz band should allow the rig to be enjoyed in JA.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

Miki Furukawa
13:18:39 3/14/2009
Hello, Sakakibara san, how are you going? I just put SB-35 in my crazy SBE collection. If you are interested I will send you the picture.
Miki Furukawa

Miki Furukawa

Stephen L. Heckman
02:36:54 3/05/2009
Loved your shortwave restoration page. My first radio was a Heathkit GR-64 (bought it with paper route money). Currently working on a NC-120 restoration, then have a FRG-7 and a HQ-110 waiting in the wings. By the to visit Tokyo in 1984 when I was a young airman in the USAF. Thak care & 73's. KI4WGI

Stephen L. Heckman From Roanoke, Va , USA

Billy L Jones
02:46:27 3/02/2009
Great site.

I have added a link to a great Electronics Repair site below that you may find resourceful to your site visitors. Lots of info & Downloads.

Billy L Jones From ct , united states

Joe Hogan
14:08:49 1/13/2009
Many years ago I had done a ton of research, and decided to purchase a brand new Sony ICF 5900W receiver. Sadly, it became discontinued about the same time, and within days after it was discontinued, you couldn't get one anywhere. I read the article about the restored radio on this website...I still long to purchase one. It was one of the greatest portables SWR ever built. Anyone know where I might find one now?

Joe Hogan From Peoria, Illinois , USA

Ang Ming Kuang
16:22:04 12/18/2008
Just acquired an old unit in good operating conditions except main dial is misaligned.

The battery cover and antenna is intact but need some cleaning.

Thank for information on this unique analgue shortwave receiver of the 1970's

Ang Ming Kuang , Singapore

16:56:36 11/13/2008
I need to restore the pop-up rod antenna of a 5900W.
Unfortunately besides to be broken, the last elements are missing.
Anyone could give me exact dimensions and especially of the final wheel
If possible, I will try to rebuild the antenna.
Thanks in advance,

Fabio , Italy

20:10:04 10/24/2008
I have so many 3SK157-T2(producted by NEC) in my junk box. There were sold as "Junk package" I guess, this FET may be some sort of RF device. But I don't know what it is. I can't get data sheet about it. I asked NEC to give the data and also I've checked website for the data. Does anyone know about this ?

Kazuhiko , Japan

19:55:38 10/24/2008
Hi! I really enjoy reading articles.

Kazuhiko , Japan

04:54:43 8/18/2008
Superb site - thank you for all your hard work and information!

I am looking for a Sony ICF-5900W, in as clean and mint condition as possible, technically and cosmetically. If anybody can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much and best regards

Paul From Seattle, WA , USA

Tom Dailey
00:29:20 8/13/2008
I'm still struggling with MY SB-34. The VFO is not operating, even WITH proper voltages. Lots of popping and crackling, although audio section tests okay with injection of signal.

This one has me "going".


Tom Dailey From denver, co , USA

Dennis Monticelli
17:03:38 8/12/2008
I found your page while searching for info on Radio Direction Finder (RDF) receivers. I recently acquired a FR-662B made in Japan by Sanshin and private labeled in the USA under many brands (Newmar Nav 101, Jackson, Maricom II, Electra, and Fleet Marine Supply). I like to work on my radios just as you do but cannot locate a schematic. Do you know of a source in Japan for the schematic diagram?

Dennis Monticelli From Fremont, CA , USA

Dennis Monticelli
16:55:20 8/12/2008
I really enjoyed your page and your whole approach toward collection and restoration. My first receiver was an HA-63 (non-A version) while my SWL neighbor had the HA-230. Fortunately, I kept my HA-63 through the years and every time I use it now, it really brings back memories.

Dennis Monticelli From Fremont, California , USA

17:18:08 6/17/2008
I finally got a 5900W after many many years of wanting one since I was a kid in the early 80s.

Thanks for your great restoration notes and service manual, they were very useful. A very quick physical dial alignment was all that was needed and now, 25 years after I first fell in love with the 5900W, I have one!

Ed VK2VEL From Sydney , Australia

23:30:40 6/10/2008
Returning to our latest status - we have relocated to a new house which entrance nameplate proudly stating "NoobowSystems Lab. World Dominance Headquarters" :-) The capacity of the new lab is far bigger than previous supercompressed microapartment, but it is already full with enormous numbers of cardboard boxes. When to resume the weird, correction, serious activities is too early to be announced.

To whom inquired some information: I replied privately if I had an answer or information. One exception is the David (in Arizona)'s inquiry regarding the SB-34's power connector pinout: I have the info. It should be stored in one of a hundred boxes in the storage room --- again, I'm sorry and please be patient.

Thanks again.


dan From Tomioka , Japan

23:29:55 6/10/2008

Although those fresh engineers have learnt software programming in their university, they have almost no knowledge in basic electronics or embedded programming. I first suspected this was only to our company, but soon realized it's not.
Amateur Radio, Shortwave, Soldering, fun of kit building, excitement of making or create something --- are missed in their dictionary. It's not necessary to stick with obsolete technology, but I want them to enjoy the engineering like I did.
(continue to next)

dan From Tomioka , Japan

23:29:06 6/10/2008
Dear all,

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems website. I'm happy I get many kind words from all over the world.
I still have been quite busy in many reasons and I deeply apologize I couldn't reply in timely manner.
Since around year 2006 I couldn't spare my free time for classic radios. Instead, prepared training materials for beginner's electronics mainly using "Maxitronix Electric Lab 500 in One", because I felt strong necessity of educating it for fresh engineers in my company which deals with embedded system development.
(continue to next)

dan From Tomioka, , Japan

10:19:19 6/10/2008
Can I get more information about the product Car Call" Cellular Phone Hands Free Adaptor (100 Yen FM Transmitter)

V.Abraham From Mumbai , India

Matt M
07:55:51 6/03/2008
Greetings from Chicago. I enjoyed your site thoroughly, particularly the history of the SBE company, which was tops in both the amateur and CB market. I heard that Faust Gonsett is still alive: thats great news, bless him and all he does...

Anyways, hows Japan with all the onsen, shinkansen and wanko soba? It looks like a lot of fun. Save me a piece of fugu and a seat at the next No/Kabuki theatre show. Afterwards I will stay in Capseru Hoteru and chase Geisha at night with Geta on feet. It will be a blast.

PS: Beware of chikan on the subway!

73 and best wishes,



Matt M From Chicagoland, IL , USA

Jeff Miller
08:11:38 5/08/2008
May 7, 2008 - 18:04 local time - Thursday May 8, 2008 00:05 UTC

Howdy Y'All [Texan for Hello]

Pleasure finding you. I have a Sony 2002 - excellent and durable! I had several severe drops for this radio and it works as new. I do appreciate a user manual (PDF) if you have one. Or, just how to set the clock correctly.

I no longer have to additional external battery holder and would like to trade or buy one. Also, I have a Halicrafter's S40-B. Works but I have not used in years. I have the valves and such but it seems to ignore wave lengths it once heard.

I will trade something unique from Texas - of good value and not oil - a Texas Tech University Football jersey. Not the U Texas which is common, but the Texas Tech (Lubbock Texas) is a true Texan item that only true Texans would know. Ask me nicely and I will send you one as a gift without any thing in return. I can tell you more at some other time.

Thank you for your kindness
"Happy Trails" - Texas

Jeff Miller From Austin, "YeeHaw!", Texas , Texas - Home of the Alamo, and freedom
http://not yet

john f. zimmerman
10:39:09 4/09/2008
have sbe34. retired mine but had similar problems during its time in ham usage. enjoyed article on the sbe34.

john f. zimmerman From virginia , usa

david wilhoite
13:58:55 4/03/2008
how can i obtain your restoration info on the sbe33 and hallicrafters 1939 sky champion in english ? thanks david km4dlw 73

david wilhoite From anniston, alabama , usa

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