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Glen Galati
06:42:04 11/28/2005
Congratulations on the EXCELLENT WEBSITE with all the links that you have provided. We pray that POGO will continue as CSO Chief Science Officer at Noobow Systems. Are there many surplus electronic stores in your area? How about Radio Clubs and antique museums? Happy to bookmark your site as a restful place to relax and enjoy a peek at other wonderful places in the world plus your fine collection. Keep up the good work. Glen, KA7BOJ

Glen Galati From Tacoma, WASHINGTON , U.S.A.

Paul B. Stiewel
02:35:08 11/28/2005
I previously owned a sony icf5900w radio which i purchased around 1978, but unfortunately some a-**** stole it 7 or 8 years ago. I sure would like to have another one, It was a truly great radio. Please e-mail me if you have one for sale. Thanks 73deke6axz

Paul B. Stiewel From Santa Barbara, California , U.S.A.

18:39:02 11/19/2005
This is a test of the automated guestbook trespasser block.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

Gavin Gordon
19:56:24 10/23/2005
Can anyone help me decide which Sony Radio i should get to receive the UK mobile network on?
Thanks Gav.

Gavin Gordon From Aberdeen , Scotland

20:38:19 10/15/2005

I have no service manual for this radio.
Contact if you need yours.

Here is a quick summary of my HE-80 repairing;

Power Supply Filter Capacitor

--- Unbelievably the filter cap was okay.

Recapping in the audio stage

--- Some capacitors including 6AQ8-6AQ5 coupling showed leakage;
audio gain and response recovered.

Adding NFB

--- This was not necessary but for an experiment I added
NFB to the audio power amplifier. Audio gain reduced but
frequency response became far better.

IFT alignment

--- It was found that the IFTs were incorrectly aligned to the
secondary peak; properly aligning the IFTs to 455kHz regained the
sensitivity and selectivity. I think previous owner failed
the realignment.

Recapping the detectors

--- Capacitors in AM detector and product detector showed
severe leakage; recapping eliminated the audio distortion.

Coil Pack realignment

--- Sensitivity became better.

Q Multi Coil alignment

--- Q multi became operational.

Product detector mod

--- This was an attempt to improve the SSB detection; not
so much improvement observed. Need to work more.

The work is still incomplete. I plan to come back later
to work on this receiver again.


dan From Tomioka , Japan

Tony Zalocki
04:31:38 10/15/2005
Great web site... I'm currently restoring a Lafayette HE-80 receiver and was wondering if you had an english version of the notes you posted when you did your restoration of the receiver? Also if you have a parts list for the radio?

Best regards,
Tony (WB2VFN)

Tony Zalocki From New Jersey , USA

03:15:19 10/11/2005
Your radio restoration page is very nice. Thank you for posting the schematic for the Allied A-2515A. It allowed me to easily find the bad mechanical filter and restore mine. Now if I could find a service manual for my Icom DV-21 digital VFO!


Rodger From Illinois , USA

Henry Dziardziel
20:51:38 10/05/2005
Thanks for great memories, including the books about airplanes. I'm just missing the SUZUKI experience so far!


Henry Dziardziel From Seoul , Korea

Norman Bloom
21:41:08 9/29/2005
I am looking for a copy of the Panasonic RF 2200 Manual in English for my personal use.
I have this radio but with no manual.

Norman Bloom From Thornhill Ontario/ Toronto , Canada

Norman Bloom
11:59:12 9/29/2005
I have a Panasonic RF- 2200 Prtable Radio.I like it very much and is in excellent condition.
I need a Manual for this radio.
Where can I get a good readable copy for this radio?

Norman Bloom From Thornhill / Toronto , Canada

22:13:59 9/14/2005
Hello James;

The Navigator 555 schematic is on my 555 page. Check it out.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

22:12:16 9/14/2005
Hello Paul;

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems. I think complete replica glass scale for HE-30 (9R-59) is on the market. Please search the Net, I believe you can find one.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

03:52:08 9/08/2005


11:16:02 9/04/2005
Hello Dan;

I am just starting to restore a Lafayette HE-30 Receiver.

I had one in the 1960's when I was a teenager but foolishly traded it in the early 1980's for a partially-working Galazy V ham transceiver.

I bought the HE-30 recently and found it was not in as good a condition as the guy selling it had said so ... I have some work to do.

Do you know of any sources for the dial markings ? The HE-30 I have has some damage on the right side of its dial and I wonder if anyone has a high-quality JPEG image of the HE-30 dial ?

Best Regards;

Paul Nix, WB5AGF
Garland, Texas

Paul From Garland, Texas , U.S.A.

03:36:36 8/11/2005
Hi, looking for a replacement FM antenna for a PANASONIC RF-1150


Tim From Nevada , USA

00:51:57 7/30/2005
Appreciate this site.

Marty From Florida , USA

Mario Anibal
12:27:32 7/26/2005
Hello there. very interesting and usefull Web site. Congratulations.73 CE3BK

Mario Anibal From Santiago , Chile

Mike Allan
13:42:59 7/21/2005
Thanks for the article on the SBE SB34.
I have one as well that needs restoration. Unfortunately it is not in its original box (metalwork) for some unknown reason the previous owner has transplanted into a new case. Your article has inspired me to make a start on the restoration.
Mike VK3XL

Mike Allan From Melbourne , Australia

mack bennett
12:55:19 7/13/2005
New to the radio world,nice site. Lookin for manual for Lafayette HA-225

mack bennett From Drumore, Pa. , USA

mack bennett
12:53:19 7/13/2005
New to the radio world,nice site. Lookin for manual for Lafayette HA-225

mack bennett From Drumore, Pa. , USA

mack bennett
12:52:30 7/13/2005
New to the radio world,nice site. Lookin for manual for Lafayette HA-225

mack bennett From Drumore, Pa. , USA

David Newkirk
05:51:30 7/10/2005
Thank you for your restoration stories, specifications, and background on equipment made in Japan and rebranded for resale elsewhere. There *is* a special enjoyment in making "forgotten" equipment work again, and in developing understanding circuit and techniques used at particular price levels in an era.

As for me, I am interested in the Trio JR-500 amateur-band receiver, sold as the Allied A-2516 receiver in the states. At base I need its schematic, but I am also interested in learning of its relative popularity in Japan, any variants you know of, and whether or not a matching transmitter may have been available. (The receiver has a VFO-output jack and an octal socket that would have allowed some integration with a transmitter.) I am aware of the Allied A-2517 transciever (Trio TS-510?) but its IF/frequency scheme was different.

Thank you, and have fun,

David Newkirk

David Newkirk From Montclair, New Jersey , USA

Tigran A.Shmaonov
06:12:06 7/07/2005
May be somone has a service manal for Sony ICF 7600D/DS in pdf format (any othr would do)?

Tigran A.Shmaonov From Moscow , Russia

Tigran A.Shmaonov
06:08:56 7/07/2005
Excellent work, congratulations !

Tigran A.Shmaonov From Moscow , Russia

09:37:11 7/03/2005
Thanks for the pix and info on SB33 and 34.

Tim From Lee, MA , USA

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