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15:01:02 2/06/2003
I am looking for representing sale of electronic products in my country in India. I wish to do business and market products which have a market here. Anyone is free to contact me to represent their company here in India. I am a graduate electronic engineer by qualification and have over 10 years marketing experience here. Thank You.

V.G.Abraham From Bombay , India

21:02:49 1/30/2003
You have very nice and informative web page on 5900. I got my first 5900 in 1978 when I was 15 year old school boy, it costed 150 Euros at that time it was plenty of money. Later I swapped it for a Kenwood R-300 receiver.

But last year I found one very good one from a estate just for 25 Euros (=$) and the nostalgic is back. Now I will keep it for ever. Long live Sony ICF-5900W.
73 JP

JP From Hyvinkaa , Finland

Jaroslaw Bajor
15:15:49 1/26/2003
Nice page. But I have a question. What value have film capacitors in T1 and T2 ( 3035kHz and 455kHz IF ) in HQ-170?
Thank you

Jaroslaw Bajor From Toronto , Canada

12:31:52 1/20/2003
My best friend is known as Radio Boy. He gets his nickname because he walks around with a radio around his neck and plays music throughout the halls at school. He wears a Sony ICF-5900W. We found this radio at a thrift shop the summer after our 9th grade year for $5. We are currently in our final year of high school, and sad to say, his radio has passed on. No longer does the school halls ring with the sounds of 80s rock and Japanese rap (an odd taste in music I know). After sometime of grieving and thought, he has decided to find a replacement...the radio has shaped who he is, how he acts, his whole persona. I would absolutely love to find for him a brand new, or at least a nice working replacement of the same model. I've been searching all over the interent and it seems to be a difficult model to come by. Any information on finding one or if anyone is selling one, please feel free to e-mail me at Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kramer.

Kramer From Philadelphia, PA , USA

Raphael Falcon
12:29:41 1/20/2003
My ICF5900 has been my life for the past two years. Im a highschool student at Lower Merion and i have a radio. I got it on the last day of school of my freshman year. I have loved it with all of my heart. I brought it to school with me every day since, people love it. I have had multiple articles in the school newspaper about me and it. My principal wanted to take it away from me but I got a petition together and over 500 people signed it. Then he had to let me have it. Now, 2 and a half years later, its nearly dead. I am in search of a new radio or the manual for the 5900. I feel like nothing without it. So, if anyone is selling theirs or has the manual, please let me know.

Hoping with all my heart,
Rafe (the radio boy)

Raphael Falcon From outside Philly, PA , USA

Jon Powell
11:04:44 1/19/2003
Your site gives me hope that I may have a 5900 again. the competition on Ebay is tough, the only place I know to find one. I loved the one I had years ago,it just seemed like a miracle to me. Could anyone make suggestions for another radio, both new and used that may be good buys? I don't have much experience, but for some reason I loved the crystal marker on the 5900 and the BFO for CW. thanks, Jon Powell

Jon Powell From Accokeek, Maryland , USA

Bill Long
04:37:46 1/16/2003
I plan to offer an ICF-5900W for sale on eBay. Is it OK to include a link to this excellent website in my eBay item description?

Bill Long From Near Baltimore, MD , USA

RK Henderson
03:25:04 1/15/2003

Great ICF-5900W page! I was one of
those radio kids who used his paper
route money in 1976 to buy the ICF-
5900W. It was, and still is, one of the
best purchases I ever made. That
radio has been all over the world with
me, often as my only source of
information and entertainment.

Sadly, I'm having a problem with it
now. Maybe you can help. The
problem is that the tuner jams at the
top of the frequency scroll. (i.e., at 88
on the FM dial.) Sometimes it'll go up
there, but then won't come down.
Other times it jams at about 90 and
won't continue on up. This problem
has been developing over time;
originally it happening when humidity
was higher than normal, but now it's
a permanent irritation.

I took off the back case and am able
to make it work correctly if I thumb the
white tuning wheel that sticks
through the circuit board. I have tried
gently zapping likely sticky bearing
with WD 40, with no results. Because
I don't know how to get the front
panel off or dismount the circuit
board without breaking the wiring,
I've left it at that.

Any advice on how to fix this trusty old

By the way, my ICF-5900W has the
same scroll calibration problem
yours did. It's about 250 Mhz off on

RK Henderson

Author of "The Neighborhood
Forager," the complete guide to the
wild edibles of residential areas.

For more information, visit: http://

RK Henderson , Canada

12:37:25 1/12/2003
Dan, enjoyed your great site. I'm restoring a HQ170, so looking forward to seeing the rest of the HQ170 project in English as well as some others.

Hugh From Pennsylvania , USA

Ron Russell
12:53:47 1/02/2003
Read your site on the Sony ICF5900W radio.
I've had mine since they were introduced and it's in perfect shape - but needs cleaning and alignment. Your site was very informative. The most troubling part of the radio is the "creeping" tune when listing to SSB/BFO. Argh!

-- Ron

Ron Russell From Concord, CA , USA

11:48:33 1/01/2003
"All of the items in the shop is priced 100 yen, approx. 85cents- "

Sharyn thinks we should move to Japan. We have at least three separate chains of stores like this in the U.S. -- "Dollar Tree", "Family Dollar", and "Dollar General Store" -- but she'd like an 85-cent store better!

Walt Hutchens
Sharyn, and 9 dogs ... I think?


11:48:10 1/01/2003
"All of the items in the shop is priced 100 yen, approx. 85cents- "

Sharyn thinks we should move to Japan. We have at least three separate chains of stores like this in the U.S. -- "Dollar Tree", "Family Dollar", and "Dollar General Store" -- but she'd like an 85-cent store better!

Walt Hutchens
Sharyn, and 9 dogs ... I think?


11:26:51 1/01/2003
Wonderful site, Dan, and wonderful work on the various boatanchors. I spent many hours working on SB-33's and 34's, back 5-10 years ago. You can indeed improve the AGC in these sets and make the panel meter function as an S-meter. I wrote up most of the work for Elecric Radio Magazine, but I believe I did not include the AGC mods.

Larry, I also have an SB-36 and if you'll get in touch, I'll see what I can do about a schematic. As I recall, the one in the book is poor, but we'll see what we can do.

Mine requires a rebuild of the power supply (have just an original chassis and transformer) so it's still a future project.

Current project is an FR-100B/FL-100B combination, probably more familar to Dan than other readers. (Think: Collins S-line as done by Yaesu, 1965!) Excellent design, great operating rig, crummy, crummy quality control. RX is finished, TX still in process.

Would be happy to hear anything you know about these sets!

73's Dan, thanks for the site!

Walt Hutchens

Walt From Virginia , USA
http://Gee ... who has time for that?

George S. DeVoll
15:35:12 12/08/2002
I was very glad to find you web page. My call is W5EFJ have been a ham since 1954. Am trying to restore an old SBE33 and needed a schematic but was happy to find some information about the transistors it uses. I may be able to find enough information on the SBE from your Japanese site to help!!! I was in Japan in 1946 just out of Shemonosiki at Chofu. Thanks George

George S. DeVoll From Brownwood, Tx , usa

00:06:43 12/02/2002

Thank you for signing in.
Fron your description of your 5900, I guess the AFC circuit would have a problem. What happens if you turn off the AFC switch? If a station keeps tuned in when the AFC switch is off, then the AFC transistor would be faulty.
In 5900, Q4(2SC1908) is used as a AFC transistor. Collector and emitter of this transistor is connected to the ground and the AFC voltage is applied to the base. i.e. the transistor works as voltage controlled variable capacitor.
Try turning off the AFC, and see what happens. If AFC seems to be the problem, try removing base of Q4, set the AFC switch to ON. If problem disappers, try installing a new transistor.


dan From Tomioka , Japan

Douglas A. Wrigley
02:05:01 11/22/2002
I found your website today when I did a search in Google on the Sony ICF 5900. I have had one for years now and recently, I have had a problem with FM reception. I will be tuned into a station and will lose it after a minute or two. I make an adjustment with the dial to get the same station and it will come in again briefly and then it is lost. Is there something simple I can do to fix the FM reception? Thanks in advance for your help. It was great to find your site.

Doug Wrigley

Douglas A. Wrigley From Queensbury, NY , USA

Fabio Lopes Leitao
23:10:05 11/16/2002
Greetings to all, if anyone could help me, I need the specifications of the power transformer and/or the schematic diagram of the Trio CS-1557 oscilloscope. I have one here out of service just because the power transformer burnt.And I need to know how to connect it at the main board.
So, thank in advance if one could help me. 73s , PY1LOG Fabio

Fabio Lopes Leitao From Rio de Janeiro , Brazil

00:08:23 11/05/2002

Glad to hear from you. I remember I sometimes visited downtown Pleasanton to have a lunch on my way home back from Livermore swapmeet, enjoyed the beautiful scenery there.

The 1st IFT T1 in my HQ-170 burnt when I was tweaking the receiver! (photo can be seen on my webpage) Did yours also burnt?
When I got smoke from T1, I thought obtaining a replacement would be impossible unless I got another unit. In my case a built-in capacitors burnt, keeping the coil windings intact. So I removed the capacitors (consist of thin mica films) from the IFT.
Instead, I added an external 100pF cap in place of the built-in capacitor for 455kHz resonant. For 3035kHz resonant winding, somehow the best result was obtained without any capacitor.
If you have not done so, subscribing Boatanchors mailing list would help. Visit
Hope this helps.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

00:04:53 11/05/2002

Thank you for signing in from Zimbabwe! And glad to hear your experience with that cheap shortwave receiver kit. It seems like the coil in my kit was bad if yours worked. Hope I have time to investigate it more.
Because CIC 21-020 is basically a crystal receiver plus RF and AF amplifier, good selectivity was not expected from the beginning, and indeed, it was poor.
If more selectivity is desired, I think adding a regeneration circuit will be practical and interesting. Using FET and building a coil will be necessary. Some kit manufactures such as Vectronics and Ten-Tec offer regeneration receivers.

Take care and good luck!

dan From Tomioka , Japan

Dave Hansen
05:24:43 11/04/2002
Found your website while looking for information on the Hammarlund HQ-170. I need IF transformer T1 to restore this radio. Any idea where I could find one?
Thanks, Dave

Dave Hansen From Pleasanton, CA. , USA

Becky Conolly
17:37:20 10/18/2002
great to find your site. Just built the SW receiver CIC 21-020. Got it to work without replacing the tuning coil, but a 20ft antenna at dusk did the trick. Also found selectivity impractical.

Your site for this kit is in Japanese! Did you have any ideas of how to make this practical or know of any other cheap, but practical SW receiver designs for the 50m band. I'm a bit of a beginner out in the sticks (backwoods of Zimbabwe) and I need all the help I can get. Thanks...

Becky Conolly From Bulawayo , Zimbabwe

Rudy Capootie
09:04:12 10/15/2002
Benmar Marine emailed me the Navigator-555A schematic. Would you like it forwarded to you?

Rudy Capootie , USA

Rudy Capootie
06:38:54 10/14/2002
Thanks for the Allied A-2515A schematic.
Benmar Radio Direction Finders are cheap. Wish I could get the schematic.

Rudy Capootie , USA

23:45:30 10/06/2002

Did you try A.G.Tannenbaum?

I hope you get yours up and running! Good luck.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

23:40:57 10/06/2002

Seems like tube testers are still have demands. Although
the TE-50 is a simple tester, one may pay 40 to 60 dollars
for it. If two buyers get hot in an auction, could be more.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

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