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Joe Perge
04:49:10 9/20/2003
Great web page of older radios! My Bendix 550 Navigator is very similar to your Benmar radio. Can you send me the schematic of your Benmar radio? I saw it listed, but it is not readable.
Thanks, Joe, WB8HWF

Joe Perge From Newark, ohio , USA

Tom D
15:15:14 9/18/2003
I would like to know what improvements & modifications were made that you mentioned in the Heathkit GR-64 commentary. I built one of these for high school shop class and it never did work 100%. Now that I'm retired, maybe I can restore it better than it ever was. Will you share your secrets?

Tom D From Minnesota , USA

Doug Gordon
03:48:24 9/09/2003
Enjoyed looking at your radios. I recently got a SB-33. My friend had one in 1966 so I think I had a nostalgia attack. Your write-up on the 34 was very good. Do you have any plans to do a similar write-up on the 33? Wishing you the best.

Doug Gordon From Carlsbad, CA , USA

j.j. van den Berg
17:55:06 9/07/2003

j.j. van den Berg From netherlands , Apeldoorn

Thomas Provost
12:39:10 9/06/2003
I enjoy your website very much. I too have a Lafayette HE-80 receiver.I suspect that you had the same problem with your radio that I am having with mine. The symptoms are muffled audio(no high frequencies), "swishy" sound as you tune across an AM station,radio sounds "too narrow" in selectivity cutting sidebands,lower than normal sensitivity. I have performed usual capacitor replacements and tube tests. Unfortunately, using the ALtaVista Japanese translator I cannot determinefrom your records what your final solution(s) was to solve the problem with your radio. Could you please briefly explain what you did to cure the bad audio sound in your radio. Thanks,
Tom Provost

Thomas Provost From NewJersey , USA

Bong Dueñas
15:38:13 8/22/2003
Hi.. I saw your homepage and i saw one of your Kenwood receiver that was restore. I have a kenwood 4 channel kr 9940 and i am just wondering if you can help me restore it too. its working but i need the users manual since i dont know some of the controls.. thanks

Bong Dueñas From Baguio City , Philippines

12:56:42 8/10/2003
New email address..see above. Have a Sony icf-5900w for sale, real clean and
works perfectly. Have some papers, etc.

JIM LEATHEM From Arizona , USA

Robert Stacey
05:46:07 7/05/2003
I purchased Panasonci RF 2200 at the thrift store last week for $9.00 plus tax. It looked ok and as I plugged it in it seemed to work. I took it home, cleaned it up, and put in 4 alkaline D cells and Eureka, best radio I ever owned.

I don't understand though, how to use the bfo and the crystal marker effectively.

When I tune FM the only control which affects output is the AFC/wide/narrow switch and I assume that it is assigned to AFC when the FM band is selected.

When I tune AM or shortwave I like to use the RF gain control. I assume that it affects volume and signal strength as well since amplitude modulation is partly based on signal strengh in so far as my humble knowledge is.

When I tune sw bands, usually only signal I found was around 8 mhz. I noticed when I connected a small wire or put a finger on the antenna screw in the back signal improved.

I assume the radar, directional antenna is for am only.

I tried the bfo and found it caused a lot of whistling when I hit an active station, then when I turned it off station would come in clear.

I can't remember what the crystal marker is for. I think it was for the oscillator so that a beat frequency would allow reception of a single side band carrier signal--fragments of memory from 40 years ago.

Do you know how I could get a copy of the instruction manual so I could understand how better to operate my "new little prize"


Robert Stacey
age 60 who lives with dog charlie.

1552 Lemoyne St.,
Los Angeles, Ca. 90026

Friday July 4th, 2003

Robert Stacey From California , USA
http://none at present

Dave Crocker
07:48:35 6/16/2003
Really in enjoyed looking at your old radio collection. My dad use to be the Hallicrafters repair shop in San Francisco when I grew up, so I have used a number of the recievers first hand.

Like you, I recently acquired a Benmar 555A DF recieve at the Foothills flea market. It is a little beat up but the price was right, $6 bucks. It needs a some repair work so it would be very helpful if I could get a copy of the schematic. Is it possible to e-mail something that I can get a readable print out from?? If not, I will be happy to send you a stamped envelope so you can send it by snail mail.


Dave Crocker
50 Kings Rd.
Brisbane, CA 94005

Dave Crocker From Brisbane, CA , USA

John Eastman
23:20:20 5/27/2003
I too am a radio freak! I am also an enthusiast for tube single-ended HI FI amplifiers, which I build from the electronic leftovers from the cold war.

I am interested to know if the little shortwave radio kit is available in quantity discount. I own a small radio/audio retail store in Wells, Maine and am interested in carrying it in my store. Any information on the producer of this kit would be greatly appreciated.

I have restored many old radios- including the Echophone on your site. I also have used the HQ-129x, Hallicrafters S-38 and S-120, and many others.

My HI FI consists of a SE 26 line stage driving a SE45 power amplifier. I run old Klipshorn "ortho drive shorthorns" I enjoy jazz and "new grass" music.

I have visited Aomori Prefecture and was quite taken by the beauty. Aomori and the state of Maine are sister states.

Thanks for a great site!

John Eastman
1830 Post Road
Wells, Maine 04090
(1.5 hours drive north of Boston)

John Eastman From Wells, Maine 04090 , USA

Doug Brown
21:42:23 5/20/2003
Great site! I have a Sony ICF SW55 which was pretty good till it stopped working. The Sony repair center say it's water damaged and beyond economic repair. I'm not sure I believe them, do you know where I might get a circuit diagram?

Doug Brown From Reading , England

22:31:47 5/16/2003
Hi there anyone having a manual for
Allied 2515a and a alignmemnt intructions for
9r-59,59d,59ds and er-202

regards Rolf

Roffe From Umeå , Sweden

23:34:54 5/12/2003
hey i m building the AR1 receiver , modification for the same are given here , its gr8 but its in japanese can i get the english 1 , or atleast the modification

anchal , india

Rolf Jansson
05:50:04 5/05/2003
Great WEB-SITE wonderfull collection KEEP IT UP!!!! Back to you when my Allied 2515 arrives!!
Rolf Jansson

Rolf Jansson From Umeå , Sweden

09:10:44 4/20/2003


02:38:50 4/19/2003
While researching the ICF-5900W, I found your excellent Web site. Very nicely done!! I was surprised at how many owners bought their ICF-5900W with paper route (etc.) money, when they were youngsters in the 70's!! I was in the boat myself!! At the time, I wrestled over the choice between the Sony and a Realisic DX-160 (I believe both were about the same price back then). I end up buying the DX-160, and always wondered how the ICF-5900W compared. Having just purchased an ICF-5900W, I can actually find out!! I must admit, I got a lot of heavy use and enjoyment out of the DX-160. I'm sure it would've been no different if I would've gotten the Sony. I can't make a comparison report at this point, but it appears the ICF-5900W survives the test of time better. Maybe later I'll return here with a detailed comparison.

73's Dave

Dave From PA , USA

michael jennings
05:36:09 4/15/2003
I have an Allied A-2515. The BFO air variable capacitor is physically broken and I have had no luck at all finding a replacement or equivilent over here. The avc is marked "Trio 02-40 " If you can be of any help I would really appreciate it the rest of the rig is in great shape and I would really like to have it working. Any suggestions? Or if you have the part I would be HAPPY to purchase it from you and pay all shipping. Thanks.. Great WEB-SITE wonderfull collection KEEP IT UP!!!!
Michael Jennings

michael jennings From Lopez Island, Washington State , USA

Jim Leathem
06:17:28 4/09/2003
I have a SonyICF-5900W for sale,Original
with inst sheets, earfones, etc. Contact me if interested,

Jim Leathem From Arizona , USA

John C
10:31:18 3/31/2003
My son has been given a Mykit80 Electronics kit. All the parts are there except for the instructions. Do you know where I can obtain an instruction manual?

John C From Perth , Australia

john button
09:20:16 3/31/2003
congratulations on a well presented website

My Question
I need service information, or a circuit for SONY CRF160 sw radio that I am restoring. All help greatfully receeived

John G8JMB - M3PYC
Sony uk cannot help

john button From poole , england
http:// ---

Virgil Cheng
18:31:42 3/26/2003
Love your radio restoration projects. I am beginning to collect radio receivers, mostly vaccum tube sets. I am working on a Hammarlund HQ-100A at the moment. I like the Japanese Radio and vaccum tubes links too.
73 and All the best

Virgil Cheng From Hong Kong , China

Kathy Wolfe
09:24:33 3/26/2003
I have a ICF-5900W since it was new. I am missing the antenna, the SW Spread Dial Knob and the battery cover on the bottom. But It still works great. I don't have the manual, but have printed the info from NoobowSystems Lab. Can anyone tell me what would be the best shortwave radio today? What was the orginal price of this radio in 1979, I don't remember. Thanks.

Kathy Wolfe From Manassas, VA , USA

14:36:01 3/22/2003
hi i have a old sony icf-5900w
I really need the operating manual for it.

any idea where i can get one?


mike mckay
03:11:27 3/05/2003
Just read your aritical on the ssb mod-34. Intresting radio, had a guy drop one off in my shack. Receives quite well on all bands but no xmit. finish your artical. mike

mike mckay From washington , usa

Joel Bourguet G
02:19:46 2/21/2003
Hi! I liked the receiver Ramsey AR-1
Aircraft Receiver Kit. Could you send me more information? or Where can I buy this Kit? Thanks.

Joel Bourguet G From Distrito Federal , Mexico

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