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23:33:12 10/06/2002

I'm also looking SBE SB-36 schematic and information.
I know it was made in Japan, and supposedly the rig
was marketted in Japan as well - it was the first
digital readout rig in Japan. I'll let you know when
I get the news.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

23:25:10 10/06/2002
Sorry for my slow response, and thank you for your visit.
I'm really happy to hear your feedback!

Okay, first question was asked by Joseph, about the shortwave
feaver in Japan in the 1970s. The boom was mainly among young
boys, ranging from 10 years old (I was eleven at that time) to
14 years old - elementary school to junior high school. With
portable shortwave radio, boys listened mainly Japanese language
program of overseas stations. This is because those boys could
not understand any foreign language, and there were many Japanese
programs offered by BBC, DW, HCJB and Radio Peking, to name
a few. However, main purpose was to collect QSL cards, rather
than enjoying the program itself. The boom lasted for several
years, then the next generation kids had less interest in shortwave;
instead they excited about computer games, which was quite new.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

14:52:02 10/04/2002
just found your web site .

very nice !

walter From waterbury , ct . , u s a

00:34:12 10/04/2002
HI: I got an ICF-5900W, it does not
work , I would like to fix it, but I could
not find the service manual on
internet, would you please give me
some adress were can get it or buy
thanks you

Alexander From Santiago , Chile

Evan Hays
01:24:11 9/24/2002
Would like to know the value of a
Lafayette Model TE-50 Tube Tester.
I have one in mint condition,also a
Hallicrafters mod. S-38 same condition.

Evan Hays From Yakima,Wa. 98902 , U.S.A.

Steve Sebastian Beesley
14:42:49 9/17/2002
Dan San,
Fortunate enough to get a Panasonic RF-2200 receiver in reasonably good condition, it arrived yesterday. Only problem is the telescopic whip was damaged and don't know where I can get a suitable replacement.

In any case I was up till very late last night like a little kid again playing with this radio. For such a vintage set I was most impressed by the MW DX performance of this radio. Money well spent. Now I need to locate the Sony ICF-5900W Sky Sensor.

The Ramsey CW filter AF-1 is interesting, you should look also at the Vectronics VEC-821K Super CW filter - Also a Kit. 80, 110 and 180Hz, 60 db down 1 octave from centre frequency, 8 poles of active IC filtering using cascaded low-Q stages. Centering frequency of 750Hz abd up to 15 db noise reduction with a built in ANL circuit.

73 Steve Sebastian Bessley, VR2XMQ

Steve Sebastian Beesley From OL72CG , HONG KONG

Larry Armagost VE3SPQ
00:45:22 9/17/2002
Very good and interesting site!!!

I own a SBE SB-36 and am looking for a Manual for it and History on it. I know it was 1965-66 vintage and Frequency read out, and also it has an RIT circuit and about 250 Watts output. Receive audio is the best I ever heardfrom a Tube and Electronic Hybred.
It is Chrome and Black very impressive.

73 for now

Larry Armagost VE3SPQ From Collingwood Ontario , Canada

Joseph Hardin
03:07:45 9/04/2002
I really appreciated the beautiful shortwave systems you have. Lovely.
I didn't know there was a sw boom in Japan in the 70's. What did they listen to?

My home page is way out of date.

Joseph Hardin From U Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan , USA

22:35:03 9/01/2002
Hello Bill;

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems. I got a translation request for HQ-170 pages, it was 10 months ago. I blame myself being so slow in progress....
So I updated a quick overview page. Hope it helps. I have many open items in HQ-170 project.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

bill thouin
00:02:14 9/01/2002
Please HQ-170 page in english please..

Have hq-170 and would like to read what you have done to your's..
I'll be putting your page in my favorites......thank you

bill thouin From plattsburgh ny , usa

David Smith
08:39:55 8/27/2002
I recently obtained an Echophone Commercial EC-1. After replacing the filter capacitor and one burned out tube is places excellently. I obtained most of my information about this receiver from your restoration project. Thanks for the good work!

David Smith From San Antonio, Texas , USA

Ulis Fleming
11:01:13 8/25/2002
Incredible job.. I love reading about your restorations. Keep the radio restoration art alive and be well!

Ulis Fleming From Maryland , USA

11:05:43 8/24/2002
This is a test. Please ignore.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

00:00:00 8/24/2002
Due to the service discontinuance of BeSeen(TM), the NoobowSystems Lab's Guestbook has been reconstructed with CGI script. Effort was paid to preserve all the messages in the past, except some suspicious (possibly automatic) posts. Also, messages in the ICF-5900W Discussion Room (page obsoleted way before) have been restored and merged into this page. New contact address of the NoobowSystems is used throughout, although it might not be available at the time the message was post.

Please remember that the site owner reserves the right to delete any message if it is considered inappropriate to our site.

We hope you enjoy NoobowSystems Lab's website. Thank you.

dan, keiko & pogo

dan From Tomioka , Japan

paul vincent zecchin
20:38:58 8/22/2002
Enjoyed very much you your beautifully illustrated feature on radio restoration. I have a Benmar 555a which is just magnificent on the AM Broadcast and Beacon bands. Would you know where to find an instruction book for this or service manual so that I might align it for accuracy? Great reading, will tell fellow radio buffs about your presentation.

paul vincent zecchin

Dave Klaus
01:43:51 8/21/2002
I love the picture and information you posted regarding the Echophone EC-1b. I've got one too (I've got the older EC-1), and it's my faverate old radio.

Dave Klaus

Steve Sebastian Bees
14:05:24 8/18/2002
I found your articles on the Sony ICF 5900w of great interest, this was my first portable transceiver. I am still looking for one today as the one I had was sold, I would like to keep one now due to fond memories of the past. I also own the ICF 5800.

Nice page!

73 Steve - VR2XMQ

Steve Sebastian Bees

Jun Ong
14:10:00 8/17/2002
Nice job!

Jun Ong

Neil Albaugh
06:39:36 6/19/2002
Regarding your Benmar Navigator 555: I have a very similar receiver in a slightly different looking chassis. It is labeled "Bendix Navigator 555" and a small tag on the back mentions the name "CEC Benmar". I agree with your assesment-- it has excellent sensitivity on the AM broadcast band!

Regards, Neil

Neil Albaugh

23:59:12 6/16/2002
Hello Bob; Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems website. Average EC-1A would sell at $40 to $60. If it is in excellent condition and if an auction goes hot, would be more. Mine was $5 at a flea market; repainted in metallic blue and carried a "SONY" emblem. Good to enjoy restoration.


dan From Tomioka , Japan

23:51:38 6/16/2002
Hello Dr. Lipsky;

Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems Lab.

If you are willing to pay approx. $180, you can get a super clean replica of 9R-59 dial glass which is waterproof. Visit TMT Service website at

TMT Service is perhaps the most famous Boatanchor restoration shop in Japan. Unfortunately I'm not such rich to buy from them... and they have no English page.
I think there was a gentleman who was selling replica of HE-80 dial glass, but I have no info at this moment.

Another advice is to subscribe Lafayette mailing list.

Less traffic, but you'll get valuable Lafayette information from it.

I hope you enjoy your FiveNine.


Dr. Stephen Lipsky
23:45:09 6/14/2002
Very enjoyable Webpage. I have a Trio 9R-59 receiver under restoration. I need a replacement calibrated dial glass. Do you know of any sources for this? Thanks,

Dr. Stephen Lipsky

Dr. Stephen Lipsky

00:06:55 6/13/2002
Really enjoyed your site.

Question: Can you give me an approximate US dollar value of a Echophone Commercial Model EC-1A.

I will be most appreciative and thank you.




23:44:46 6/07/2002
Dear sir,
Great Job, nice wabpages,
Success and Best Regards.
By the way, Please can do me afavour, how can I get the circuit diagram the Mizuho Radio direction finder for 2 meter band fox hunting ? I appreciate for send us the information.
Thank you.


19:13:24 6/04/2002
This site is an incredible effort, thanks much for making it available.
As a collector af consumer multiband portable radios, I'm finding the
Radio Restorations pages to be especially fascinating. Take care!


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