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23:29:34 9/14/2001
Hello Steve;

Thank you for visiting us. It's nice to hear your interesting story. I hope I could provide much more information of 5900.

I purchased a 5900W's schematic from A.G.Tannenbaum. Here is their URL:

As I wrote in my 5900W page, it does not have a diode to protect reverse connection. It might be challenging to fix it, but I hope your good luck. Please tell me if you find which parts were damaged; I'll post your experience in my page so that other unlucky guys would thank you. :-)

In these 3 days my Collins 51S-1 keep shaking its S-meter needle with anger for the evil act. Hope you and your family, as well as any person who once visited our site are all right.

With regret and deep sorrow for the innocent victims;



Steve Meng
00:07:06 9/13/2001
Great site, found while looking for information on the ICF-5900W. I got involved in radio as an SWL back in 1970 but couldn't even dream of getting any new radio so I ended up with an old Hallicrafters SX-71. Wish I still had it but traded it for a damaged Knight kit (solid state) that turned out to be useless except for the rebuilding experience!

Came across the 5900 a couple months ago when an old black professional musician from the 30's asked me if I could fix his. Had accidentally applied about 9V to it and let out some smoke! WOW! what a radio as far as construction goes. I can't even get to the part side of the board. There seems to be no sign of life with the active parts. No hum when touching the board and no LO activity.

Thought you might know how I can get a schematic.

It was fun reading your 5900 story,

RF engineer

Steve Meng From Ohio , U.S.A.

23:46:14 8/29/2001
Thank you for visiting NoobowSystems Lab. Now we have a Guestbook for English speakers so that you don't have to see garbage letters when your computer is not capable to display Japanese letters (even if it could, they may seem garbage anyway :-) If you have a question to our site, please feel free to post here. Your message will be forwarded to our email server automatically. However please remember that the site owner preserves rights to delete any messages if we consider it is not suitable to our site. We hope you enjoy our site. dan -&- keiko / NoobowSystems Lab.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

17:23:18 8/05/2001


00:17:29 7/30/2001
nootaro-san : very nice report on the Sony ICF-5900, and other, radios.
Your English is Great! The National (Panasonic) RF-1150; I remember
that the dial light illuminated everything EXCEPT the dial! It is a
good receiver.


02:43:08 5/29/2001
Thanks Dan,

I spent some time cleaning mine up. I took it apart and cleaned it inside and out. Overall it's in good condition. Receives well but it is out of alignment. Of course the battery cover door is missing. I wonder why it is so common for the door to be missing?
The finish on the case that Sony used didn't hold up well. It has small discoloration around the most used switches and knobs. The displays are clear and the lights work well. Even the poop=up antenna works perfectly! I really like this radio. I collect portable SW radios and this is the 13th to be added to my collection. I have the ICF6500W that replaced the 5900 and also a real nice 7601 that I picked up for $20 and it is like new.

Thanks for the tip on the manuals I will get one there.

I'll let you now how it goes.



14:38:02 5/28/2001
Hello Dolph;

For service manual and schematics, visit A.G. Tannenbaum's
website where many manuals can be found. It offers a copy
service. I purchased one for my ICF-5900W years ago. The
copy quality was good and the manual included necessary
information to perform alignment. I recommend it, although
I have no commercial relation to the site.

As far as I know the most of the ICF-5900 surviving unit
suffers some sort of misalignment. Main dial can be re-
calibrated by adjusting the local oscillator coil, but
sensitivity lost at the high end of the spread dial would
be a challenging.

Good luck!

dan @ NoobowSystems Lab.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

01:59:33 5/28/2001

I am the proud owner of one of these fine radios. I would like to know if anyone has a service manual that hey would be willing to copy some of the pages for me. I will pay for the copies. I need to see how to align the radio.




17:05:14 6/26/2000
Hola Mario;

Gracias por anotar en de Argentina, el correo electronico de distancia mas largo que yo recibi.
Yo me alegro de tener noticias de usted, que usted disfruta el ICF-5900. Es ciertamente un producto del consumidor, sin embargo, que yo pienso que es una obra maestra de radio portatil japonesa en anos setenta y yo se hay muchos 5900 entusiastas por el mundo. Yo lo siento, esta carta puede ser dura leer. Pero yo agradezco a mi programa de traduccion Espanol-ingles. Sin esto, yo no podria hablar con usted.
Las gracias de nuevo por visitar mi sitio.

nootaro / el Laboratorio de NoobowSystems.

dan From Tomioka , Japan

Mario Sualdo
23:18:57 6/25/2000
Soy Ingeniero en Electronica y poseo una radio SONY ICF-5900W.
Esta en PERFECTAS condiciones, completa con su Manual de Usuario. Incluso tengo el "Service Manual"!.

Le he hecho algunas modificaciones ya que el de-enfasis en FM no era el adecuado para Argentina.

Y le mejore la respuesta en frecuencia en AM.

Es un trabajo extraordinario y me deleito la nota acerca de la ICF-5900W. Es la UNICA que esta en ingles.!!. :)

En los anos '80 fui Gerente Tecnico de PIONEER en Argentina.

Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

Ingeniero Mario Sualdo
Don Bosco 3507
1206 Buenos Aires

Mario Sualdo From Buenos Aires , Argentina

Bob Mattson
01:17:46 11/28/1999
Nice restorations
I have the same interests.

Bob Mattson

09:07:15 10/08/1999
Hello forks from nootaro,

Message to Keiko, I'm now in switzerland and
so far everything is smooth. I'll again on my
plane within a hour bounds to NRT.
See you soon,

Hey the European keyboard is strange++++++


09:04:12 02/11/1999
Hello on this snowing morning from Vienna!
Fine that I could help with the serial number of the HQ-170.

Bye for now
73's de OE1002419

Kurt From Vienna

Josh Rovero
18:41:00 02/06/1999
Nice work, Dan.

Josh Rovero

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