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15:13:06 1/17/2018
Nice site,a lot of informations very useful for electronics enthusiast !!
Thank you and greetings from Italy !!!

Giorgio From Busto Arsizio , Italy

07:18:42 5/09/2017
Great website really interesting. Also a big help for me
restoring a Trio JR-60 / Lafayette HE-80. Its a challenge.

Excellent work.

Keith From Melbourne , Australia

David White
10:16:26 1/02/2017
Thanks for the restoration information on the SONY ICF-5900W, I too have a few of these radios and enjoy them very much. Several years ago, I thought the Panasonic RF-2200 was the best of the two radios and still do though I’ve changed my opinion on the SONY to much more favorable due to using the radio not that I can compare the two. I think SONY was ahead of the game for portable SW radios back in the mid 70’s with the dual conversion IF using the FM band’s 10.7MHz as the first IF….it works GREAT!...Kudos to the SONY engineers…the 5900W is still a Great radio and I’m proud to have a few in my collection…

David White From Cheyenne, Wy. , United States of America

08:41:46 9/06/2016
Stepen, thank you for visiting NoobowSystems. Running 5900W with USB power is an interesting idea. I think it is technically possible, by using a silicon diode as a 0.6 voltage dropper sounds feasible. Although I haven't tried this yet, I suppose the problem would be a digital noise on the USB power bus. If a USB outlet of a PC or a cigar-plug -to-USB adapter is used this would be a headache. Having appropriate filter such as large electrolytic capacitor and cored-coil may be necessary.
Have fun with the radio!

dan From NoobowSyatems Lab. Tomioka , Japan

00:19:13 8/29/2016
I found your wonderful information about restoring the Sony ICF 5900W receiver. My purpose was to find information about the DC operating voltage range. Your information page does say there is no overvoltage protection, so use voltae regualted 4.5 as specified by sony.
My question is: Can I run power to the radio from a USB 5 volt connection? Or, from a USB connection inserting a small diode inline to drop the voltage about .6 volt? (Years ago I ran a daisy chain of diodes to drop the voltage from 12V solar to approx. 4.5V into the ICF5900W. these days I'm more cautious.)
Has anyone done this? Hoping for advice. thank you.

Stephen , Australia

Peter Filiberti
09:57:15 1/24/2016
Thanks for showing the info on the TS-600 restoration! I am also working on a restoration of 2 TS-600 I found in pretty good condition inside an equipment cabinet stored outside for over 10 years in Hams QTH now SK. I helped family to clean out ham shack and found these units and am restoring. They were heavy modified for custom use as a data link transceiver for weather station telemerty for University of Denver Colorado man years ago. I have almost completed, I can receive fine and TX good! 73 de KF7PSM

Peter Filiberti From Las Vegas, Nevada , USA

Roger Dieterich
08:40:32 5/10/2015
Good Day Dan,
I was drawn to your restoration of the SBE-34 as well.

I am just beginning a similar restoration. Should I even attempt to power it
using low voltage from a Variac or proceed immediately to replace electrolytic
filter capacitors? Cosmetic condition is good with only minor storage
corrosion on the exposed power transistor cases on the rear. Should I just
trace the schematic or do you have information on creating a 12VDC power
Kind regards,

Roger Dieterich From Kenmore, Washington , US

14:44:50 3/05/2015
Hello, and thank you for making this website! I discovered your website when I was searching for information about the Maxitronix 500 in 1 Electronics Lab. You have done a wonderful and very useful service here by documenting your exploration with that kit. I have also just discovered your guestbook and I see that there is discussion about the projects in here. So thank you also for making a forum for people to exchange ideas and learn about radio electronics and these kits.

I have not read all the messages here yet but would like to ask one question: The microcontroller in my 500 in 1 lab is an 64-pin NEC D753106 and I am trying to find what is meant by the LCD displaying the message "- - ILL - 02" after the stop instruction is processed in one of the early book 3 projects (maybe project 404?). I cannot find the official meaning of the display "ILL". It does not appear in the instruction set from the kit manufacturer, or on the NEC datasheet. It does not make sense to mean "ILLogical" or "ILLegal (instruction)" so I am puzzled. Has anybody found what this message means?

Thanks again and I will continue to read and enjoy the feedback here.

Myles From Toronto , Canada

02:18:56 12/15/2014
...meant SB-34 in my other entry....
I found out that the SB-34 doesn't work; the TX line is always on (Blue wires on IF board are +11V; gray wires are 0V) am trying to see why....

Peter From Lux , Lux

00:01:52 12/10/2014
I am, as you, in awe of the design of the SB-23. I just bought one and brought it to my QTH in Luxembourg to get it going. A few days ago, in Boston, I plugged it in and all I could get was a hum from the speaker. Over this weekend, I will try to get some real stations from the speaker! Will keep you up to date on what I find. Again thanks for all the tips!
73's, Peter LX1QF/KH6VP

Peter From Luxembourg/Hawaii , Luxembourg

12:05:05 10/01/2014
I am interested in restoration of a Panasonic RF 2200.

Tom From Maryland , USA

Robert Robinson
12:53:37 2/19/2014
Good site.
I have a Sony ICF-5900W. Good condition, except volume is
very low. Had it examined and was informed the problem is
with Part L25, 1-405-714-00, BFO Osc. Technician could not
find a replacement part; not available from Sony.

Any suggestion on where I might find a suitable replacement
part? I have had no luck searching on the Internet.

Robert Robinson From San Diego , United States

22:33:24 11/22/2013
Good day Dan, You have a great site. I was drawn to it by your SBE 34.
That rig was an excellent one for me, mobile more than a year. Some of
your life experiences regarding electronic equipment are parallel to mine.
For instance, As a child , I was given a two transistor, reflex circuit radio. I
listened to it while gardening weed pulling. My father built for me a kit
VOM, that led to a life long avocation. Your efforts and collection,
knowledge of the variety of electronic equipment surpass anything I will
achieve. My father brought home several trade journal for the electronic
industry in Japan. I was very impressed by the finished products and
components described. During my childhood, my parents bought a Sony
transistor TV, 5 inch. It had an superb finish, appearance and spectacular
picture, and sound. Best of luck to you and your family.

David From San Diego , USA

Steven Lohse
16:59:16 9/17/2013
One more thing: Machine translation of the Japanese only pages to English is sometimes poor and sometimes funny but I can usually understand your meaning. Sometimes takes a few reads but I can usually figure it out. The information is there so thank you.

Steven Lohse From Corvallis Oregon , USA

Steven Lohse
16:52:18 9/17/2013
Wonderful website. Thank you for showing your restorations. Because of the way you have documented your radio projects I was able to get the film dial out of the ICF-5800 I am working on the replace the capacitors hiding under there. Many thanks for the help and best wishes!!!

Steven Lohse From Corvallis Oregon , USA

Dave Butler
08:53:55 5/15/2013
Very interesting, particularly the TS700 item. I am at present converting a TS700 to 6 meters. I did not know there was a TS600 but now I know that my frequency choices for the hetrodyne crystals is the correct way to go. An english translation would be helpful!.

Dave Butler From Bristol, UK , United Kingdom

Dana Burgess
21:24:55 4/25/2013
I have a Panasonic RF 1150 6 Band radio I would like to have it restored. Do you know anyone in the Arizona area that would do this type of work?

Dana Burgess From Sun City AZ , USA

Ron Kautz
02:47:21 6/28/2012
Wonderful website, very enjoyable, I also have a PS250 2006 less than a week, not many of these in New Zealand, perhaps only one. Also love the radios and test equipment, ham radio os my other hobby, 73 ZL3RCK

Ron Kautz From Rangiora , New Zealand

Henry Zeps
23:57:47 1/31/2012
Hmm, yes well if there is anyone who would fix a radio you had better have a poc for me. Henry.

Henry Zeps From Sydney , Australia

Henry Zeps
23:51:06 1/31/2012
I have a sony ICF-5900W that I am listening to now. I am trying to find someone to restore it to original specs. Is there anyone out there who would like to take on the task? or know of someone who could do it.

Great website and history of a radio tinkerer.
Heads up! Henry.

Henry Zeps From Sydney , Australia

09:11:20 1/28/2012
awesome site

tildaflipers From zarate , argentina

Alissa Nolan
14:44:51 12/15/2011
Hi Dan and Family. Your package arrived last week. Thanks! Please look for a little something from us soon. Thank the Chief Science Officer for her toothpick holders, they are great.

Alissa Nolan , USA

Bob Hand
09:22:34 12/05/2011
Where can I get information about the Benmar Radio Direction finder model 555 ( older than one described on the site) What crystals are used and for what.

Bob Hand From Michigan , USA

07:09:18 9/25/2011
Just found this website the other day. Very interesting .

steve From maple lake MN , U.S.A.

Paul L. Kamoda
16:10:35 8/14/2011
I need to find 2 FL-2 filters, a 5.0mhz 8.0khz bw filters from a AN/Grr-17 (R-1490/URR) National radio. Any ideas are welcom. I miss going to the AES swapmeet in Las Vegas.
Here in Springfield, MO we have no Ham swapmeets or not even a Electronic supple house.

Paul L. Kamoda From Springfield, MO , USA

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